A Stone Speaks





Since the beginning of time, this place has been the center of … everything.

G-d directed Abraham to offer Isaac in sacrifice here. King David chose this city as his capital. His son, Solomon, built a magnificent Temple here, which was destroyed by the Babylonians. Ezra and Nehemia led the renewed Jewish presence here and rebuilt the Temple. Herod rebuilt the Temple to its glory — and then the Romans destroyed it, forbidding Jews from residing in their own capital.

Nevertheless, generation after generation, Jews did all they could to return here. Famous and not-so-famous Jews made the difficult journey here. Foreign empires were fascinated by this place — and attacked it often.


If only stones could speak and tell the story of the Wall...

In this original, easy-to-read, and informative book, one of the stones of the Wall speaks to us, recounting stories, nuggets of history, and inspirational vignettes that together form the tapestry of the Wall.

In this fascinating page-turner, readers experience history from the “inside.”

The history of the Wall becomes our story. The story of the Wall is the story of our People — and our lives.

About Israel Rubin

Israel Rubin learned in Mesivta Chaim Berlin and has worked with beginners to Judaism for more than twenty years. He has a Degree in Engineering from The Cooper Union and a Master’s Degree from M.I.T in Finance and Industrial Management. He, his wife, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren all live in Israel. Mr. Rubin is the author of the acclaimed The How and Why of Jewish Prayer (2011).