Rabbi Dovid Sapirman




The Torah has been transmitted to us with extreme care and precision. The Rambam believed in it and passed it on. The Vilna Gaon believed in it and passed it on. Our grandparents believed in it and passed it on. This is called kabbalas Avos – and it alone is enough to trust and live by our mesorah.

Still, substantiating emunah with one’s own thinking (known as emunas ha-seichel) offers huge advantages.  It provides excitement — a passion and an enthusiasm that make the emunah alive and vibrant. It helps tailor our Torah lives to our individual minds and souls. It helps make Yiddishkeit real.

No magical “leap of faith” is necessary in order to believe. All we need is clear thinking – as demonstrated in this incredible book. In this ‘refresher course’ to emunah, we will rediscover why we believe, and will be able to daven and learn with ever-increasing levels of emunah and connection to Hashem.