Developing a Torah Personality




Our time spent in yeshiva and seminary is fundamental to our lives, but our growth can’t end in our youth.
How do we, slowly but surely, change ourselves?
How do we live in the modern world, work and raise children, and get closer to G-d?
How can each of us develop a Torah Personality?
Focusing on developing positive Jewish attitudes, using our time well, being involved with the community and learning Torah, this captivating work helps us enjoy life - and grow!


“… full of insight, wisdom, and compassion … practical, well-written… it conveys knowledge and depth…”

Rabbi Berel Wein

“We frequently find ourselves in a wilderness of doubt, confusion, and despair. This book shows us paths out of that wilderness… [This] book is a precious gift …”

Rabbi Tzvi H. Weinreb

About Rabbi Avraham Bogopulsky

Avraham Bogopulsky has been the Rabbi of Beth Jacob Congregation in San Diego for the past twenty years. Born and raised in New York, he received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from St. Thomas Aquinas and his semichah from Rabbi Berel Wein. He continues to maintain a close rebbi/talmid relationship with Rabbi Leibel Reznick.

Rabbi Bogopulsky is involved with every part of the Jewish community in San Diego. He teaches at the local Yeshiva High Schools for both girls and boys.   He maintains the current eruv in San Diego and administers the kashrus agency of the local Vaad.  In addition, he provides pastoral care and leads the life cycle events of his shul and community.

Rabbi Bogopulsky and his wife, Leah, raised five children in warm and sunny San Diego who have since grown up, married, and live or learn in different communities in the US and Israel.