Gateways to Greatness


$ 21.99


Rabbi Yudin’s warm personality and divrei Torah have inspired tens of thousands of his community members, students, and radio listeners for over three decades. His first book, Rabbi Benjamin Yudin on the Parsha (Mosaica Press, 2013) achieved wide attention and became a bestseller.

In this new book, Gateways to Greatness, readers gain privileged access to the inner sanctum of Rabbi Yudin’s life’s work — helping all of us, no matter who we are or where we come from — to change.
In this fascinating volume, Rabbi Yudin shares with us gateways — ideas, methods, teachings, and practical wisdom — to become happier, better, and more connected people.
In this wise and accessible work, readers will come to understand the profound respect and love which Rabbi Yudin’s students and listeners have for him.