Seize the Moment
Rabbi Yered Michoel Viders




From the George Washington Bridge to the museums of Europe…

From the ballpark to the ski slopes to the lemonade stand…

Driving car pool, buying pet food, or sending flowers…

These are only some of the unexpected places where you can find Hashem and infuse the humdrum of everyday life with depth and meaningfulness.

Rabbi Yered Michoel Viders invites readers of all ages and backgrounds to uncork powerful and practical lessons from a broad array of unlikely sources — from Torah luminaries to, l’havdil, Shakespearean playwrights and The Little Engine That Could; from the Revolutionary War to World War II and the aftermath of September 11. These vignettes and insights offer a refreshing, amusing, and profound approach to simchah, emunah, bitachon, sensitivity to others, and, ultimately, the drive to achieve one’s innate capacity for greatness.

Seize the Moment provides a keen, penetrating glimpse into the lives that so many of us lead. It sheds light on how to find Hashem day in and day out and, often, where you might least expect to find Him. This book will assist readers in their personal quest to discover meaning and happiness in virtually every moment of life.


Wonderful, uplifting, and empowering…”

Rabbi Yitzchak A. Breitowitz