Health: A Natural Approach




When it comes to preserving our health, the better we understand our options, the better off we are. Barring genuine emergencies, whichever path of medicine we choose, we usually have time to become informed.
In this fascinating book by one of the Jewish world’s most renowned practitioners of Chinese medicine, readers will learn about effective alternatives to healing in areas as diverse as sunburns, injuries, fevers, antibiotics, asthma, cholesterol and heart disease, childbirth and newborn care, bedwetting, ADHD — and much more.
This wonderful work provides many tools to help keep ourselves and our families healthy and gives us the power to make educated health decisions.


“Very educational, people will benefit from this book. Worth reading.”

HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky, shlita

“I have been following Yael Tusk’s wonderful columns ever since I was fortunate enough to discover them…The wide range of her topics is amazing and startling…She is doing a great public service by awakening us to so many issues that affect us directly.”

Rebbetzin Sheindel Weinbach, author and columnist

“I couldn’t put it down!”

Tamar Kagan, Jerusalem

About Yael Tusk, MSc

Yael Tusk, MSc, is trained in designing and evaluating scientific studies and specializes in researching and debunking scientific myths. In addition to researching and writing, she is a practitioner of Chinese medicine in Jerusalem, where she treats both adults and children.