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What do member of Knesset Avraham Ravitz, member of Knesset David Azoulay, and Beit Shemesh mayor Moshe Abutbul all have in common?
Answer: They all grew up at Zion Orphanage!
As a young child, Yocheved (Blumenthal) Solomon helped her parents care for the orphaned and homeless children in Zion Orphanage. Eventually, she became the home’s hands-on director, responsible for the food, clothing, housing, and programs. When she married, she lived across the street from the orphanage, continuing to manage the home. Her dedication to the children was never-ending — and legendary.
Eliyahu had watched as his mother lost her mind and was institutionalized, and his father, unable to cope, chose the destructive path of drugs. At Zion Orphanage, he first encountered caring, responsible adults worthy of trust. Eliyahu was extremely withdrawn and distrustful. At seven years old, he barely spoke to anyone. Various activities were chosen to help him emerge from his shell and build his confidence: arts and crafts, martial arts, music, computers, gymnastics, as well as speech and play therapies. For Eliyahu, the answer was music. Over the next nine years, his latent talent emerged full force. He began composing music and became the lead singer in the Zion Choir.
Today, Eliyahu is headed for a career in music.
Today, Eliyahu displays such confidence and joy that you would never imagine the dark and cold world of his first years of life.
This is an incredible, inspirational, and one-of-kind book about an incredible, inspirational, and one-of-a-kind place.
Discover the secret of how one man’s passion and integrity ignited a legacy that has made Zion Orphanage the world’s longest-running Jewish orphanage.

This book is adapted from the Hebrew Elef Olamot by Yehudit Golan, which was based on the testimony of Rabbi Avraham Yochanan Blumenthal’s daughter, Yocheved Solomon. It was translated by Esther Friedman and edited by C.B. Lieber.