A Universe Made for Two
Jack Daniel




God is One. The first two days of Creation witness the unfolding of the concept of the number two, the root of all duality in this world.

This unique work emerges from the convergence of Torah exegesis, Chinese medicine theory, geometry, biology, chemistry, quantum mechanics, particle physics, string theory, astrophysics, cosmology, and Kabbalah. Our understanding of the unity of God is reinforced through Chinese concepts of duality — yin and yang — in the created world. Deep Torah mysteries are revealed through the dual lens of Torah and nature.


“This is an intense, serious work…a work that moves uniquely, smoothly, and un-self-consciously from the Ramban to Elie Munk, and from the Zohar to the Talmud…”

Rabbi Moshe Hauer

Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion

Baltimore, MD

“Only a master of Chinese philosophy and medicine could uncover so many Torah themes and principles hidden within the annals of the ancient Chinese culture and writings…I am sure that anyone who reads this masterpiece will find themselves enthralled.”

Rabbi Dovid E. Fink, Esq.

Noted Author and Lecturer

Baltimore, MD

“Jack Daniel has spent years wrestling with deep and hard questions. He has not left anything unexamined. His account enlightens and stretches our imaginations. A great read.”

Ted Kaptchuk

Professor of Medicine

Harvard Medical School

As a scientist engaged in ‘discovery’ each day, I am also influenced by studying the opposing forces in nature — whether biology, physics, or chemistry, etc. — and discovering ‘new’ ideas and concepts, through reconciling these inherently opposing forces into a unified hypothesis. This only adds to my appreciation for the beauty of how God runs the world…Jack’s profound understanding of Chinese medicine provides a unique perspective of the opposing forces of nature in the terms of Yin and Yang. This, coupled with his great thirst for Torah every day helps us deepen our appreciation of the unity of God, which becomes understood through opposing forces.”

Sol Langermann, PhD

Senior Vice President, Research

NextCure, Inc.