A Universe Made for Two




God is One. The first two days of Creation witness the unfolding of the concept of the number two, the root of all duality in this world.

This unique work emerges from the convergence of Torah exegesis, Chinese medicine theory, geometry, biology, chemistry, quantum mechanics, particle physics, string theory, astrophysics, cosmology, and Kabbalah. Our understanding of the unity of God is reinforced through Chinese concepts of duality — yin and yang — in the created world. Deep Torah mysteries are revealed through the dual lens of Torah and nature.


“This is an intense, serious work…a work that moves uniquely, smoothly, and un-self-consciously from the Ramban to Elie Munk, and from the Zohar to the Talmud…”

Rabbi Moshe Hauer

About Jack M. Daniel

Jack M. Daniel, M.Ac.(UK), L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.,(NCCAOM) has received three acupuncture degrees (from The College of Traditional Acupuncture in the UK in 1973, 1976 and 1979). In 1975, he co-founded the Centre for Traditional Acupuncture in Columbia, MD, and has practiced in Columbia since then. In addition, he has taught advanced education programs for thousands of acupuncturists around the world and treated patients as staff acupuncturist at the Sydney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Care Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. He lives in Baltimore with his wife, children, and grandchildren.