Keeping Kosher in the Kitchen




Do you find the idea of keeping your kitchen kosher overwhelming?
Do you find the idea so simple that you never give it a second thought?
With this easy-to-read – yet comprehensive – book, readers will learn how easy it is to maintain a kosher kitchen – and how to deal with common mistakes that occur in (virtually) all kosher homes.
This unique book:
• Includes basic principles and rules in an easy-to-remember format.
• Offers knowledge and insight to prevent common kashrus mistakes.
• Explains how to formulate a proper halachic question by focusing on the relevant facts and pushing aside distracting details.
• Helps you determine what “level” kashrus is right for you right now, and what to do in complicated situations that may not be ideal.
• Is written for those who follow either Ashkenazi or Sephardic customs.
• Is a perfect companion for anyone who is learning Shulchan Aruch for the first time or preparing for a semicha exam. Numerous case studies reflect a clear progression from Talmudic sources to contemporary halachic rulings, for both scholars and laypeople.