Maimonides’ Advice for the 21st Century




Scholar. Physician. Astronomer. Philosopher. Leader.

It is difficult for us to fathom the greatness of Maimonides, Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (Rambam). His many works are studied daily around the world, eight hundred years after he wrote them, and are considered pillars of Jewish Law – and thought. Indeed, the author of the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law), Rabbi Yosef Karo wrote, “The Rambam is the greatest of the decisors, and all the communities of the Land of Israel and the Arabistan and the Maghreb practice according to his word, and accepted him as their rabbi.” His teachings are timeless.

The Rambam’s teachings are for everyone, and apply to everyday life. In this fascinating collection by noted educator Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui, readers get the Rambam’s advice for life – in his own words.

About Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui

Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui has been a trailblazer and forward thinker in many areas of Judaism. His broad range of accomplishments, include founding the first worldwide exchange for rabbis over the internet, establishing the first Orthodox minyan on the island of Palm Beach, and opening the first Chabad outreach center in Palm Beach County. He is a lecturer, writer, coach, and counselor, and has lived with his wife and children in Palm Beach, Florida for the past thirty years.