Rabbi Rushfield on the Parsha
Rabbi George Rushfield Z’l




“The Torah that was commanded to us by Moshe is an inheritance in the family of Yaakov.”
(Devarim 32:4)
Every father wishes for his children and his children’s children to inherit the precious things that he has acquired in his lifetime… From the above verse, we see that the most important inheritance for us is Torah.
(Adapted from the Author’s Preface)
As we read and “learn” this collection of divrei Torah, we get to know the author as a most fascinating man. Rabbi Rushfield’s Torah is breathtaking, insightful, inspirational, and unique. His personality and character shine through every page.  His ideas are deep, meaningful, and very real.
Rabbi Rushfield is sorely missed, but – with this volume – his legacy lives on.


“This…commentary reflects the whole ideology of Rabbi Rushfield a”h. Many of his views were derived from his venerable rebbe, the world famous Rabbi Yitzchok Hutner zt”l…While reading this volume, you will be impressed by the depth of ideas which formed the character of Rabbi George Rushfield a”h.”

Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld