Raising a Mensch




We want our children to be mensches. But what exactly is a mensch? And how do we raise children to be mensches?

A mensch is someone who knows and does the right thing — consistently. But it’s not just because he or she happens to be a nice person. It’s because the person became a mensch.

Raising a child to be a mensch entails conscious and ongoing attention.

Raising a Mensch offers a proactive and positive approach to teaching good middos. This innovative and interactive book enables you to explore and practice one middah each week by means of the following:

[book icon]: a typical scenario involving a child and a particular middah, along with discussion questions

         [Torah icon]: a weekly inspirational thought from the parashah, with insights into the middah

         [climber icon]: a practical challenge for the week

This book gives parents a hands-on way to engage young children in fascinating discussions about middos. By discussing classic scenarios and key issues, children absorb and integrate proper behavior for real life.

Topics include:

         -thanking Hashem for the big and small things

         -dealing with peer pressure

         -saying “hello” when entering the house

         -caring for others who have less

         -being truly happy