Rav Asher Weiss On Emunah and Bitachon




To teach a principle from among the principles of our faith is more precious in my eyes than teaching any other matter. (Rambam, Introduction to Commentary on the Mishnah)


The two concepts of emunah (faith) and bitachon (trust) stand at the very center of Judaism. However, there are several basic questions relating to these concepts that need to be clarified:


  • What is the path toward emunah?
  • What exactly is bitachon? What specifically are we required to “trust”?
  • How does hashgachah (Divine providence) work and to whom, or what, does it extend?


Many people sincerely wish to connect with these essential ideas, but due to a lack of clarity, are not entirely certain how to do so.


Through the essays, talks, and letters contained in this volume, Harav Asher Weiss, shlita, brings profound depth and clarity to these fundamental questions. He also addresses many timely issues, such as how to respond to difficult life circumstances, how to balance bitachon with investing in one’s livelihood, the Jewish response to the Holocaust, and Holocaust education for children.


From the teachings of one of contemporary Judaism’s greatest teachers, this sefer is unique, relatable, and life-changing.