Rav Asher Weiss On Medical Halachic Issues




This fascinating collection of teachings from one of contemporary Judaism’s greatest halachic authorities includes questions such as:


  •       What are the parameters of the mitzvah to heal the sick?
  •       How does one pray for a sick person?
  •       What are the personal halachic obligations of medical professionals?
  •       What is the Torah view of alternative medical treatments?
  •       What risks can one take to save life?
  •       What does Jewish law say about organ donation?
  •       Is it permissible to refrain from vaccinating children?
  •       May words of Torah be used as a means of healing?
  •       What is the Torah approach to OCD?
  •       May a sick person refuse treatment?


Translated by Dr. Fred Rosner and edited and adapted by Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein, this fascinating and important sefer is a must for medical professionals, scholars, and all types of interested Jews.