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Do you sense that what ails you (or your loved one) is of a deep or spiritual nature? Are you struggling to find out what to do about it? The twelve-step philosophy identifies spirituality as the core element of alcoholism and addiction. The principles of the twelve-step program, put into practice, have produced a freedom from suffering for millions, catapulting them into the serenity of a sober life. Through practice of the twelve steps, they receive a new pair of glasses through which to see their lives, and a set of spiritual tools for achieving mastery over their problems. This unique, important, and easy-to-read volume is full of information, tools, stories, and inspiration. It dispels misconceptions and helps the reader — whether someone struggling with addiction or addictive behavior, a family member, clergyman, mental health professional, or other concerned member of the community — understand how to use the twelve steps.
With a chapter by Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, Stepping Out of the Abyss can help anyone better understand what is going on inside and step out into the sunlight of spirituality. This wonderful book can help you launch a new beginning.

About Menachem Poznanski, LCSW and Aryeh Buchsbayew, LCSW

Aryeh Buchsbayew is a New York State licensed clinical social worker and has worked in the field of substance abuse and addiction since 2005. Aryeh is trained in CBT, DBT, and EMDR, and specializes in trauma work. Currently serving as a clinical supervisor at OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services, Aryeh is also a director of men’s services at The Living Room (TLR), a recovery clubhouse for Jewish young adults. Aryeh received his master’s degree in social work from Fordham University in 2012. He lives with his wife and children in Woodmere, New York.