The Soul of Chanukah




“When the lowest person in the world was a child, he was dreaming about being the holiest, most glorious person in the world. But something happened. Someone destroyed his dreams, and he gave up on the world.
It is so easy to lose our dreams. Why?
Because nobody really encourages them.

“If someone can bring me back to the dreams I once had, he is my best friend in the world. This is what Chanukah does. This is why Chanukah is the greatest, deepest holiday in the world.
On Chanukah, God gives us back our dreams.”

In this volume, the unique teachings and insights of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach are shared with a depth and relevance that is rarely appreciated. Eight days of fascinating and important ideas — a lifetime of inspiration and connection.

About Rabbi Shlomo Katz

Rabbi Shlomo Katz is a world-renowned musician. He has released seven albums and has conducted numerous concert tours throughout the United States, Israel, South Africa, South America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. After learning in Yeshivat HaMivtar in Efrat, Israel, he received his semichah — rabbinic ordination — in 2006 and has been teaching ever since. Rabbi Katz has been an integral part of building the Shlomo Carlebach Foundation which has been working to preserve, publish and distribute the legacy of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach zt”l as a Jewish national treasure.

In between his teaching in Efrat, Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo, and Web Yeshiva, Shlomo continues to tour, teach, and perform throughout the world. Rabbi Katz lives in Efrat, with his wife Bina and daughters, Tiferet and Ora Menucha.