This Too Is For The Best
Rabbi Yerachmiel Moskoff




We know that after our lives in this world are completed, what awaits us is the pleasure of a perfect and eternal world. What is not so well-known (or understood) is that the Torah promises serenity in this world as well, as Rashi explains on the verse, “If you listen to me, you shall dwell with tranquility” (Mishlei 1:33).

How can we understand this idea? We see the difficulties of daily life — even for those adhering to all that the Torah says. Indeed, throughout ancient and modern Jewish history, it seems like Am Yisrael has suffered tremendously. Where are all the blessings of this world? Why all the pain?

This Too is for the Best is a life-changing work. It is fascinating, encyclopedic, and inspirational. By explaining the challenges we face and how they are carefully designed to help us grow, this volume will add simchah and meaning to our lives.