What’s Going On with My Mother?




Emotional illness is a difficult reality in the lives of many, wreaking havoc in the individual’s life and often creating confusion and tension for close family and friends. While adult resources are plentiful and available, much-needed information for children is not as easy to come by.

Whats Going on with My Mother? fills this gap with a story that enables the adults in a child’s life help him or her navigate the many challenges they face when someone they love is not themselves

With gentle explanations offered by a loving Bubby, the story creatively answers all of a child’s questions and helps dispel false assumptions about mental health.

All the material has been reviewed and approved by respected frum professionals in the world of mental health.


With the encouragement and guidance of Gedolei Torah, this important and unique book is available to those families who need it, but will not be available on store shelves.