Roy Nueberger, author of the newly released, Hold On (Mosaica Press), sent us over this beautiful interview about his novel 2020 Vision published back in 2008. He was writing about the future then, a future which has arrived!


By Robin Meyerson
Co-Founder, Project Inspire Arizona

I recently had the incredible fortune to speak with Mr. Roy S. Neuberger, the author of many books, including 2020 Vision, (Feldheim Publishers) a novel which starts out on the 5th of July in the not-too-distant future. It was a day like any other, until the un-thinkable occurred.

Set in the days and weeks that follow a global terror attack, 2020 Vision takes you on a daring and unforgettable journey as a group of Jewish survivors trek through the chaos, pursuing their hope of reaching Israel. As they get closer to their destination, the dangers intensify, until the book reaches its spellbinding climax.

It is a compelling novel that not only confronts the concerns and challenges of our times, but offers readers a glorious vision of faith and hope in the future. 2020 Vision gives you something to think about …as it keeps you on the edge of your seat!

It was published in 2008, yet it’s all about today and must be read today!

Amazingly, the day I interviewed Mr. Neuberger, July 5, 2020, was the actual day when the whole story began in his book.

Roy is the author of five books. His wife, Leah, is his first editor. Since the publication of Roy’s first book, they have spoken together at hundreds of locations in fifteen coun-tries.

When Roy wrote 2020 Vision, he had seen these things coming for decades. Even when he was a child, he had these feelings. He became observant as an adult because he felt when he was young he had nothing to hang on to … no Torah and no G-d. He realized that the only way to have a happy and fulfilling life was through Torah.

Twelve years after he wrote 2020 Vision, he is in shock that, in the year 2020, the world is unfolding in a very similar way to his novel. It is truly amazing! People come up to him on the street and say “Hey, it’s 2020 and it’s happening now! Mr. 2020!”

And yet the title was difficult to come up. He had gone through dozens of titles, but when you get the right one then its sounds so right. And how did he come up with the title for 2020 Vision? Leah woke up one morning and said “The story is going to happen in the year 2020, and the title is 2020 Vision!” It’s a brilliant title; it’s a triple pun: the year is 2020; 2020 means “perfect vision” and it’s a kind of vision, because you seem to see what is about to happen.

It is amazing how much of the book is coming to pass:

  • U.S. and western culture is turned upside down by unprecedented events
  • Jews are unable to get to Israel
  • Airlines are not flying
  • Even El Al is not flying
  • And Israel is not letting people in
  • The book is happening in real life
  • There is even a virus in the book
  • Whatever you want to call the present social unrest in the USA, the practical effect is similar to a massive terror attack. The unrest is extremely destructive.
  • The very basis of the book – the chaotic conditions and the desire of the Jews to get to Israel and they are unable to do so — is really happening and it is 2020
  • The book ends with the sound of the Great Shofar. Everyone ends up in Jerusalem and its clear to me that this is what we are experiencing now.

Since 2020 Vision was so spot on, it behooves us to check out Mr. Neuberger’s new book out this year, Hold On! Surviving the Days before Moshiach (Mosaica Press).

In this book he shouts out to the world and is very straightforward in the most responsible and palatable way. It is such a positive and uplifting book to surviving Coronavirus and all the craziness of today’s world. He compares what Jews are going through today to the plagues in Biblical Egypt. Back then (which reflects conditions today) a large majority of Jewish people did not choose to go with Moses out of Egypt. In fact, it was only one in five Jews who left Egypt (and some commentators say only 1 in 5000)!

In Hold On, the message is loud and clear; “Hello everybody! Wake up!” In Egypt, the vast majority of Jews did not pay attention to Moses. They were caught up in Egyptian culture like so many are caught up in Western Culture today. The Torah is replayed in the future. With what is going on in the world today, the status quo is not going to work anymore. We can be very comfortable in the culture of the Western world, yet If you want to be there for the future you need to rethink your values. Yet very few people are seeing this reality.

Hold On is a book that has a very positive message of hope. It is possible to get through all this and be together in Israel and meet up in person. Let’s all hope it will be very soon!

To learn more about Roy and Leah and to order his books go to You can also find out more about the author here and order his new book Hold On here.

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