Rabbi Alexander Hool


Rabbi Alexander Hool grew up under the tutelage of his father, Rabbi Maurice Hool of Kingsbury, London, UK. He learned in Gateshead Yeshivah for many years under the direction of the Rosh Yeshivah, Rav Avrohom Gurwitz, and then moved to Israel where he has been studying in the Ponovezh Yeshivah and Kollel for over twenty years.

An eminent scholar, he has developed a particular expertise in history, dating, mathematics, and other unique and intriguing subjects. He is the author of the acclaimed work Toras Yom VoLaylah (on the complex halachic definitions of day, twilight, and night and their ramifications) and has published a fundamental study on ancient astronomy and its implications regarding the halachic dateline, as well as an analysis of the Murex Trunculus as a possible source of the ancient blue dye, techelet. Other recent publications include Shiur HaShiurim (a comprehensive investigation of the classification and calibration of measures and distances used in the Middle East before the Common Era), The Challenge of Jewish History (Mosaica, 2015), Searching for Sinai (Mosaica, 2018), and Pharaoh (Mosaica, 2020).

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