Authors Say

“From beginning to end the experience of publishing with Mosaica has been a pleasure. It is difficult to imagine finding a publishing company that combines excellence, professionalism, integrity, and personal warmth as I have found at Mosaica Press. Looking forward to working with you on the next book.”

Rabbi Moshe Averick, The Confused World of Modern Atheism

“Rabbi Yaacov Haber, שליט״א, the driving force behind Mosaica Press, motivated me to submit my recent work for publication, not allowing me to rest on the laurels of my first two books, published by ArtScroll. My husband and I first met Rabbi Haber many years ago when we taught at a Shabbaton weekend in Buffalo, New York, where Rabbi Haber was a Congregational Rav and chief “me’karev”. We have watched with great “naches”, Rabbi Haber’s emergence as a scholar and visionary, whose work is appreciated everywhere in the Jewish world. We treasure the friendship of the Rabbi and his wonderful Rebbetzin Bayle, and pray for their continued success in their every endeavor. In addition, Rabbi Doron Kornbluth, Senior Editor of Mosaica Press, was a tireless organizer, supervisor, and communicator, making sure that I didn’t drop the ball, and overseeing the exquisite details of finding the common denominators in the articles, so that they might come together in a synergistic and eminently accessible way.”

Rebbetzin Feige Twerski, The New Normal

“To Rabbi Yaacov Haber and Rabbi Doron Kornbluth and the entire staff of Mosaica Press, I owe the joy of seeing this book published in a superbly professional manner.  In particular, Rabbi Kornbluth’s 2500 suggestions concerning content and style have immensely improved the quality of the book; I am very grateful for his help. It is a great pleasure to work with friends committed to producing quality Torah literature.”

Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb, Reason to Believe

“Thank you to Mosaica Press for your professionalism and guidance in the publication of my book Spirituality and Intimacy. Rabbis Yaacov Haber and Doron Kornbluth are to be commended for their diligence, patience and eye for detail. The final printing and production of the book – fonts, layout, paper and cover – has in the short time since its publication – been the subject of much praise and commendation. The willingness of Mosaica Press to take on a project which touches on sensitive and deeply personal issues is testimony to its commitment to the publication of books which are timely and relevant to the Jewish world today.”

Rabbi Raphael Aron, Spirituality & Intimacy

“I was impressed with both Rabbi Haber and Rabbi Kornbluth from the very start and, once the contract was signed, felt very comfortable working with the rest of the Mosaica team. They gave me what I thought was good advice as well as astute criticism; yet were flexible enough to hear, consider, and even incorporate some of my unconventional ideas. Mosaica is both heimish and professional; a team that encourages. I felt they contributed much in making my book a better read and more overtly appealing in the tasteful page and cover design.”

R’Simcha Grossbard, Edges of Truth

“It was a pleasure working with the crew from Mosaica. From Rabbi Haber, an eminent talmid chacham and baal middos tovos, to everyone on staff, a spirit of mutual respect and working together to produce the best possible product – generated in the most natural way. Their professionalism is only surpassed by their mentchlechkeit. I would highly recommend their superb services to any author.”

Yehoshua Kurland, A Time to Dance

“Mosaica Press is comprised of a team of very dedicated and timely professionals who are able to give sound and professional advice, as well as listen to what their authors have to say. They are encouraging, supportive, and believe in their authors. It has been a pleasure working with them and I will likely turn to them for other publishing needs in the future.”

Mr. Jonah Muskat-Brown, Unfolding Potential

“Publishing my novel with Mosaica Press was an incredible experience. From the first email conversation that I had with Rabbi Doron Kornbluth, I sensed a passion and excitement for what we could accomplish together for the Jewish Young Teen reader. It was very clear to me that Reb Doron was focused on my success and what was best for me. The Mosaica Press team with whom I worked are incredibly talented and have excellent taste. The main editor of the book helped me create a well-developed flow for the book and advised me of how to enhance a nice enjoyable story into a much deeper and more meaningful read. The cover design has won much praise from my friends and family. One person told me that the cover is what attracted him to purchase the book. I was most nervous about the business aspects of the book and I have been extremely impressed with the excellent decisions that have proven very accurate in promoting and distributing my book. I am truly honored to part of the elite group of authors who have the privilege to publish with Mosaica Press. I look forward to working with them again.

Yechezkel Yudkowsky, When The Ice Melts

“I had a tremendous experience working with Mosaica! I sent them a rough draft of different thoughts, stories, and ideas and they turned it into an incredible book while still keeping my tone and voice. And the actual book design is phenomenal and surpassed my expectations. My readers really love the layout and design!”

Nachum Kilgman, The Frum Entrepreneur

“Our experience with Mosaica was extremely positive. R’ Doron’s attention to detail and experience with writing, editing and bringing books to market helped improve the content and readability of the book considerably. Rav Haber’s oversight of the graphics was superb. We are delighted with how the book came out, and how much time and effort the entire Mosaica team put into making sure to ‘get it right.’ Their overall concern for the best product possible really made us feel like they were as invested in the book as much as we were. And they have continued to support us post-release.”

Rav Sholom Kamenetsky, shlita, and Jonathan Morgenstern, Afterlife: The Jewish View

“I was impressed – but not surprised, considering the people involved – by the professionalism, service, honesty & integrity of Mosaica Press. The excellent team at Mosaica helped turn my Divrei Torah into a quality book that I am delighted with. They knew when to push for changes that were necessary and when to allow for my preferences. The experience was such a pleasure that we are now at work on my second Mosaica book.”

Rabbi Binyomin Yudin, Rabbi Benjamin Yudin on the Parsha

“Knowing Rav Yaacov Haber, I had no doubt about Mosaica’s honesty and insistence on quality. Still, I was surprised and delighted by how much the entire Mosaica team put into my book – and how good it came out. From helping to create/organize/improve the content, to coming up with the title and cover – wow! – to a top-notch copyedit and proofread, etc., etc. … It is a sheer pleasure to work with Rabbi Doron Kornbluth who has become my friend and an advisor… his advice has been invaluable to me and because of him and Rabbi Haber my books have gone from being dreams to reality. I am eternally indebted to both of them… I was so happy that I did a second book with them, and I’m now working on my third….”

Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman, The Elephant in the Room and For Everything a Time

“The work Mosaica Press did on my Megillas Esther was simply outstanding. Their edit was superb, helping improve the content of the book immeasurably. The cover and layout speak for themselves – a cut above. I have B’H released many sefarim and I was so impressed”.

Rav Yisrael Herczeg, Megillas Esther with Rashi’s Commentary

“Mosaica Press has done an excellent and most professional job of turning a manuscript into a beautifully crafted book. Rabbi Haber and I have been friends for decades, and it is an honor to have been able to share this project with him. Rabbi Doron Kornbluth’s insights and comments, as well as his exceptional patience, made the book possible.”

Rabbi David Sapirman, Emunah: A Refresher Course

“My experience with Mosaica was delightful. Their professional quality is clear in all steps of the process. They are honest, responsive and pleasant to work with. What stands out the most is that (based on their experience in the field and good intuition) they helped me figure out what the book was really about, who it was for, and what it needed to include. This was neither simple nor obvious – but it was invaluable.”

Mrs. Ruchi Koval, Conversations with G-d

“I have known, trusted, and had great admiration for Rav Haber for decades. I was therefore not surprised that the entire Mosaica team operates with honesty, integrity, and efficiency – and that it is producing such impressive sefarim. “My book” came out beautifully, and I am eager to begin another project with Mosaica.”

Rav Yitzchak Schwartz, Rav Tzadok HaKohen on the Parsha

“My sincere thanks to Rav Yaacov Haber, co-director of Mosaica Press. His wisdom, accessibility and great ideas added tremendously to this project. He and the entire team at Mosaica Press turned my manuscript into a beautiful book – and were a pleasure to work with. My editor at Mosaica, Rabbi Doron Kornbluth, questioned my assumptions, cross-examined my conclusions and made sure that the different parshios and subsections merged sensibly together to show a cohesive development of Sefer Breishis. I often found myself having to go back to the drawing board as a result of his critiques. He made me work hard, and this book is vastly improved because of it.”

Chaim Stepelman, Blueprints of Breishis

“Some authors come to a publisher but they are really looking for a glorified printer – someone who will ‘take care’ of the production of their book. That is not Mosaica. They don’t just ‘take care’ – they do care. R’ Doron’s thorough editing literally questioned every assumption about my book, making me look at it in a whole new way. It added a month or so to the process – but with my name on this book forever, it was worth every minute. Their graphics, production, and Derech Eretz were simply superb.”

Avrohom Reit, Zeh Kaporosi – The Custom of Kaporos

“Mosaica’s team added tremendous value to my book. The talented and professional staff of Mosaica was with me throughout the process and it was a pleasure to work with them. Their honesty is beyond reproach and I enjoyed the fact that everything was clear and upfront financially from the very beginning. No secrets, black boxes or unknowns. The many Mosaica individuals involved in the publishing process are talented and professional. Happy to highly recommend them.”

Baruch Labinsky, A Financial Guide to Aliyah and Life in Israel

“Working with Mosaica was a pleasure! They truly helped ‘turn around’ my writing into an impressive book, their graphic design was outstanding and it was a pleasure working with them from start to finish. I have already recommended them to others – and will continue to do so!”

Orit Esther Riter, Turn Around

“The team at Mosaica do not just provide experience and expertise, they put their heart and soul as well into each sefer, going “the extra mile” to try and ensure that your sefer will become the best that it can be.”

Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein, Darkness to Destiny, Aggadah, and Teshuvah: The Way Home

“It didn’t take long for me to appreciate my decision to work with Mosaica Press. The amount of work, dedication, and attention to detail by Rabbis Haber and Kornbluth – and the exceptional staff at Mosaica Press – far surpassed my expectations… It has been a great pleasure of mine to have worked with Mosaica Press on this book and much credit is due to them for the final product.”

Yankie Schwartz, Keeping the Israel Spark Alive

“Each stage of the publication process with Mosaica Press was smooth, enjoyable, and professional. From editing, through layout, to printing, The Mosaica team was fair, easily accessible, and devoted to the project. I had a great experience from start to finish.”

Mrs. Becky Perlowitz, Good Luck on Your Test

“The highly professional team at Mosaica Press (headed by Rabbi Yaacov Haber and Rabbi Doron Kornbluth) showed great enthusiasm and dedication to my Haggadah. We started late and it arrived on time – and in a very professional manner. Most of all, it was a pleasure to work with them!”

Rabbi Yacov Barber, Generation to Generation

“Writing my book was not simple, or easy. What I appreciate most about Mosaica (aside from their professionalism, excellent graphics, and honesty – which are obvious to all who know them, though rare in the world today) is that they aren’t ‘yes’ men – they constantly pushed me to make the book better, and went far beyond the call of duty of a publisher. I can honestly say that my book would have been very different – and not as good – without their input. I’m delighted with how it came out and very grateful.”

Rabbi David Green, A Book About You

“I came to Mosaica with a concept and some initial ideas for Adina. Their vision, wisdom, patience and experience every step of the way helped me to turn my concept into reality. They are there to offer support in the many questions that arise, before during and after publication. It is an honor and a pleasure to work with such a high-caliber team of people that I can really trust. Their combined and individual experience has helped me create two successful books and I am now working on the 3rd book in the “Design Sketchbook” series with Mosaica. With Mosaica behind me I was able to achieve what I could never have achieved on my own.”

Mrs. Yocheved Nadell, Adina and Shira

“I have been putting out sefarim for years – but I’ve never been happier than working with Mosaica. When Rav Haber and R’Doron take on a project, they care about it as if it is their own book – and it shows. I’m now finishing my second book with Mosaica, and working on my third…”

Rabbi Ari Enkin, Eilu V’Eilu

“I was thrilled with the way Mosaica published my book Charting the Sea of Talmud. Their highly professional staff added a great deal of value to the final product. Rabbi Haber and Rabbi Kornbluth were a pleasure to work with and a great source of inspiration for me. I was so pleased with the outcome that I signed with them to do a second book!”

Dr. Yisrael Ury, Charting the Sea of Talmud and The Story of Rabbi Yisroel Salanter

“The publishing of my book was complex and required expertise in various fields. Mosaica Press was recommended to me as being a trustworthy and high-perfomance team. They took it on wholeheartedly, investing a great deal of competence, energy and initiative and produced a most splendid and beautifully designed book.”

Rabbi Alexander Hool, The Challenge of Jewish History

“The team at Mosaica Press has been a pleasure to work with. Rabbi Yaacov Haber took my initial call, encouraged me to take the first step, and made commitments that have been kept. My editor, Rabbi Doron Kornbluth, is a model of professionalism, patience, expertise, and mentschlichkeit, and I thank him for making my first experience with publishing such an inspiring and memorable one.”

Rabbi Chaim Goldberger, The Six Steps of Bitachon

“Mosaica produces top-notch quality material in all aspects. From cover to layout, from editing to proofing, My book looks fantastic! Expect nothing short of the best from them.”

Yosef Segal, Reality Check

“It has been a privilege, a blessing and an extremely enriching and rewarding experience to work on my book, Royal Challenge, with the Mosaica Press professional and superb publishing team – all the way from the publishers through the editors and the graphic book designers. The physical book came out fabulous! A very professional job. It looks and feels like a high quality designer product! Be’Ezrat Hashem, looking forward to our next joint venture… and many more…”

Yitzhak Salomon, Royal Challenge

“I highly recommend using Mosaica Press as a publisher. From my personal experience working with them, I can attest that they work professionally and with initiative, producing a quality and aesthetically pleasing work. The staff were honest and pleasant to deal with, and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Rabbi Yerachmiel Moskoff, This Too is for the Best

“I was delighted with the editing, conceptualization, graphics work, cover design, professionalism and Menschlichkeit of Mosaica’s team. They took my preferences seriously, but delivered even more than I had hoped for. The experience was simply superb. I highly recommend working with them.”

Rabbi Avrohom Leitner, At Home With Torah

“After our father died, we were at a loss about how to properly publish the manuscript he had worked on for decades. Unlike most manuscripts which are published, our late father was not available to consult with. Yet Mosaica Press took his hundreds of handwritten pages and produced a beautiful book, expressing his ideas in a manner that was both erudite and understandable to the reading public.”

Daniel Rushfield and Rebecca Rushfield Wittert, Rabbi Rushfield on the Parsha

I have only good things to say about working with Mosaica. The edit was deep – and superb. The graphics work was excellent – their books are clearly a cut above the norm. The technical aspects were done efficiently and professionally. The costs were very reasonable, and they have been responsive and helpful before, during, and since the book’s release. I look forward to working with them again, IY’H!

Pinchas Taylor, Pillars of Faith

הנני במודים דרבנן על חין פעלו לסייע בהוצאת הספר שיחות נפש בלע”ז. אשר בזה זוכה להיות ממזכי הרבים ומפיצי אור האמונה בישראל. ואני ברכה שיזכה מעז”ת לעסוק בתו”מ כל הימים מתוך הרחבת הדעת ושמחת לבב כאו”נ הטהורה ונפש.

מוקירו ומכבדו כרו”ע,

משה גולדשטיין

Rabbi Moshe Goldstein, The Emunah Reality

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