Chaim Shel Bracha




As the study of the daily daf keeps growing exponentially, a new need has arisen: thousands of intelligent students of Talmud who are ready for in-depth lomdus are facing a language obstacle when trying to learn from a traditional sefer.

Rabbi Chaim Goldberger, who broke through barriers with his bestselling first publication, The Six Steps of Bitachon, now presents the Torah-studying community with a new series of English sefarim, containing original shuirim on tractates of Talmud — beginning with this first volume on Mesechta Berachos.

Employing the innovative derech ha’limud pioneered by his illustrious rebbe, Harav Yochanan Zweig, shlita, Rabbi Goldberger makes the sweetness of sharp questions, clear reading, and advanced svoras available to the thoughtful and intelligent lamdan, regardless of his background and prior experience.

Chayim shel Bracha offers new p’shat questions and chiddushim — in both halachah and aggadah — and is deep and innovative enough for the seasoned talmid chacham, making it a wonderful gift for the Daf Yomi learner and developing Torah scholar.