How is urgent and important to learn Torah properly, having a Rabbi, teacher teaching and answering our questions. This book “In Search of Torah Wisdom” enables us to get answers for the Tanach, Mitzvos, Kabbalah, Torah, Aggadata, Halachah.

“In Search…” is a compilation of simulated questions which usually Torah students are asking in yeshivah or they did like to know about. Rabbi Yisroel Miller presents many reasons why Orthodox Jews are conservative to uphold the tradition, remembering the teachings of the Elders, Sages and he even said about the ecosystem as a similar example, if we add a new species or removing one from your site, there will be major changes.

To facilitate students of Torah with less knowledge, one can expect a reading simple and direct to the point. Perhaps the Rabbi could have put more detail into the large and growing involvement of B’nei Noah and non-Jews are Kabbalah students, nowadays, they are asking questions to the Jews on their spiritual quest. More this book is directed to Jews.

In general, the topics are discussed on the basis of the teachings of the great Rabbis, of blessed memory, but also, Rabbi Miller explains us some events related of our modern days. Each question and answer has lengthy explanations and we can capture the idea.

The most interesting is the exposure of the customs of the Rabbis in ancient times, and how students should behave to learn in Yeshivos. Here is a summary of what you could take years to study, which will facilitate their studies with certainty.

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