Weaving together myriad outlooks and insights, illuminating vignettes, and life lessons culled from a vast array of both Jewish and secular sources, Dr. Jonathan Feiner has succeeded beautifully in presenting the reader with a rich and enlightening tapestry on the topic of “mindfulness.” Sprinkled with compelling studies and sundry real-life stories, the author’s masterful work is written with unusual candor and humility, as he invites us warmly into his own personal journey on the path to attaining true mindfulness.

Rabbi Eytan Feiner

Rav, Congregation Kneseth Israel


In his seminal work, Mindfulness: A Jewish Approach, Dr. Jonathan Feiner has pioneered a breakthrough in the field of Jewish Torah Psychology. By developing a system of Torah-based mindfulness, Dr. Feiner has given the Jewish psychologist and patient tools with which to achieve complete emotional health, using mindfulness in a totally acceptable Torah way…This book is a must-read for every Torah Jew.

Rabbi Hershel Reichman

Rosh Yeshiva, RIETS, Yeshiva University