Moishe Herskowitz, MS, LCSW, CH, has over twenty-nine years of experience as a couples and marital crisis counselor. He is an Adjunct Professor at Touro College, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Hypnosis Certified Instructor, author, and trainer for Cable Therapy. He also designed a successful medical hypnosis program and has published dozens of marital and couples therapy articles in a wide variety of magazines and newspapers.

Moishe is Vice President of AOJT, the Association of Orthodox Jewish Teachers. He has designed a student empowerment Holocaust educational curriculum for the New York City Department of Education entitled “A World of Tolerance.” As the director of How We Communicate, PLLC, he teaches mental health professionals a twelve-step program of his design, Cable Therapy, which uses energy, neuroscience, Gestalt therapy, CBT, and hypnotherapy as a means to heal couples in crisis. Cable Therapy also includes teaching clients about the six love languages, thereby showing couples how to love their partner in the ways that they need to be loved. In this way, they can not only reconnect their “connecting cable” to transmit positive energy but can use their cable as a means to provide each other with unconditional love. For further information, check out the website:

Moishe is currently involved in a new team project with the New Jersey Beis Din. This –transformational shanah rishonah project hopes, im yirtzeh Hashem, to reduce the divorce rate by 90 percent. The program is a five-session post-wedding counseling program using an approach called T.E.A.M.: Torah, Education, and Awareness for a better marriage. The program will be taught to all married couples immediately following the completion of sheva berachos. Married couples and the newly married will learn skills to help them to communicate effectively and feel safe in their marriage.

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