Noa’s Strength is a beautiful story written by Noa’s husband, Boruch Sirisky. He brings the readers on Noa’s journey through good time and hard times. The book is designed to show the struggle and bring out the inspiration.

Judging the Book by its Cover – a first glance review:

The cover shows the turmoil of the storm with some shiny rays coming through the clouds. Throughout her life, Noa experiences a lot. Somethings are easier to see as clearly good, while others are cloudy and harder to handle.

Some Details I Liked:

It was very inspiring for me to see a passuk and Hebrew phrases at the start of a chapter and scattered throughout the book. Each phrase reminds the reader that it is all from Above and although it is hard, G-d gives us the strength to endure whatever the challenge my be.
I also liked the chose of details that are included in the book. When a book covers a long period of time, it is not possible to include every episode. This book includes the details relevant to the story that help bring out the message in a powerful way.

Who This Book is For:

This book is for someone that wants to read the positive in a negative situation, someone that can become stronger when reading about another’s strength.
It is also for someone who reads and understands or is at least familiar with Hebrew. The book can be understood without it, but it is not as powerful.

Who This Book Isn’t For:

I have to say that it is quite an emotional read. It is also quite descriptive about Noa’s physical condition. I personally didn’t have a hard time reading it, but I can imagine that others might.
As I wrote earlier, the author uses quite a bit of passukim to convey the spiritual message and therefore limits the audience to a crowd that understands and appreciates the Hebrew text

What I Didn’t Like /Would Have Made it Better:

In Conclusion:

Noa’s Strength is a powerful, serious read that can be quite emotional, as it is a true story.

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