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Hundreds of new titles are released in the Jewish world every year.

How will your book be noticed?

There are many important ways to spread the word:

  1. Speaking engagements. The more you, the author, speak about the book – anywhere and everywhere – the more people will hear about it.
  2. Social Media. Reviews. Blogs. Discussion Groups.
  3. There is one more crucial part of proper hishtadlus – paid ads. Don’t underestimate the impact of paid advertisements. We encourage you to prioritize our ad program. Why?
  • Our optional ad program has been very successful.
  • Mosaica pays for the graphic design (our ads look great!), creates the text, and arranges placement – at no extra cost to authors – we want the book to succeed and like our name in the corner!
  • Because we advertise often, we get you very significant savings so you get major “bang for the buck.”
  • Our ads appear regularly in various frum publications such as Mispacha, Hamodiah, Zman, Binah, Torah Tidbits, Ami, Yated, and other publications. Occasionally, we run banner ads online as well.
  • By combining authors together, your book benefits from maximum exposure and low cost. We usually recommend $2,000 per author per ad package, though some authors will choose to do more or less, depending on many factors.

Ask us for more info.

Below is a sampling of some of our recent ads.

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