Pirkei Dr. Ari



The Torah is not meant as a history book but as a practical guide for us to live by. Pirkei Avos is the Mishnaic tractate that is a compilation of the ethical teachings passed down from Moshe Rabbeinu. This book highlights the connection between each parashah and Pirkei Avos, thereby uncovering practical takeaway messages.

This is Pirkei Avos in the parashahPirkei Dr. Ari!


“A unique blend of issues in the parashah with Pirkei Avot…easy to follow and very enriching and enjoyable…”

—Rabbi Avraham Steinberg, Israel Prize winner

“Ari has been blessed with a unique talent of being mechadesh beautiful and thought-provoking divrei Torah, and he is sought after by many shuls and organizations to present his exciting shiurim and brilliant lectures…”

—Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro, Mora D’asra, North Miami Beach

“Inspiring and meaningful…The reader is always left with a take-home message that helps with their connection with Hashem…”

—Rabbi Donald Bixon, Mora D’asra, Miami Beach