A Deeper Dimension

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A fascinating beneath-the-surface look at life and Judaism through the parashah

Have you ever seen something in a new light, to the point that you can’t remember how you ever understood it before?

Have you ever taken a few moments to “look a little deeper”?

For twenty-three years, Rabbi Judah Gross has been asking good questions, finding impressive answers, and collecting fascinating ideas.

In this unique and impressive work, for the first time, his insights are available to all.


“My beloved student and colleague, Judah Gross, has applied himself to record his insights… His comments are meaningful and valuable and anyone that will study them will gain knowledge, thought, inspiration and joy of discovery from them… I extend in these words of mine to him my admiration and great affection.”

Rabbi Berel Wein

“There are seforim written that are a product of a person; and then there are seforim written that are somehow a statement of the very person himself. Reb Judah Gross has produced that very type of sefer.”

Rabbi Ahron Shraga Lopiansky

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