A Jewish Guide To the Mysterious

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Modern science is the most accurate lens of reality that humanity has developed so far. Science is crucial to humanity’s health, safety, and development. Still, the lens of science only “sees” a thin slice of the totality of existence. Much of the human experience cannot be simply explained by standard quantifiable tests.

Many people have become aware of the limits and shortcomings of scientific knowledge and have also realized that our perpetual hunger for spiritual understanding is real and undeniable. Many of us sense that there is something beyond.

Throughout various periods of history and various cultures and societies, people have been interested in the mysterious and the paranormal. This yearning is rooted in the soul’s search for true spirituality.

A Jewish Guide to the Mysterious, written by one of contemporary Judaism’s leading scholars and teachers, clearly explains classic Torah views on intriguing phenomena, such as dreams, astrology, time travel, alien life, reincarnation, ESP and auras, angels, demons, ghosts, and even such topics as the lost city of Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle.

Read this fascinating book and be amazed.


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4 reviews for A Jewish Guide To the Mysterious

  1. Steve

    AN AWESOME BOOK! so interesting!!!

  2. Alan Hoffman

    I just finished your book, A Jewish Guide to the Mysterious, and was strengthened and impressed. I work with 8 students doing Jewish outreach work and have already used the chapters on Dreams, Angels and the Soul to address specific questions.

    The book was a breath of fresh air: modern, lucid language, consolidated and comprehensive source material, excellent format in presenting general/non-Jewish elements, the authentic Jewish sources and a wealth of historical notes. I have recommended to several people to get the book. I commend your chapter and verse style – it is comprehensive, answers questions from a modern perspective, raises Torah credibility and resolves doubts.

    It is my hope and my prayer for your future success, that you follow up on this book with more books of this type. In this day and age, at this point in the societal decline, such books are needed to introduce Torah, reclaim Jewish authenticity and wisdom from a doubtful and secular culture.

  3. Joel Kleehammer

    I was blown away by Rabbi Taylor’s Jewish Guide to the Mysterious. I expected just that – a Jewish guide to the mysterious. This book is so much more. In addition to information sourced from the Tanakh, the Talmud, the Zohar, and other works of the sages (which was all I expected), Rabbi Taylor makes use of studies and literature from scientists, researchers, and college professors. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to look at mysterious phenomena through the lens of Jewish philosophy.

  4. Yonatan

    The book was a great read and included annotated references to all the sources. Various views are often given on each topic. Agree or disagree with what you read, I think you will find the book fascinating. I have a degree in Physics, so I really enjoyed the chapter on time travel.

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