A Night Of Teaching Haggadah

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Everything a parent needs to teach their children about yetzias Mitzrayim, emunah, and creating a relationship with Hashem can be found right here — in the structure of the Haggadah and in the words of Chazal. By showing how to use the text itself to tell the story of yetzias Mitzrayim, A Night of Teaching guides both Seder leaders and participants to take full advantage of the tremendous opportunity the Seder night offers. This innovative Haggadah features:

  •         Clear instructions and explanations for all the steps of the Seder
  •         Side-by-side Hebrew Haggadah text and English translation
  •         Divrei Torah focused on the essential mitzvah of sippur yetzias Mitzrayim
  •         Dedicated space for the user to write their own divrei Torah



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About The Author

Rabbi Isaac Rice teaches Judaic studies and heads the halachah department at the SKA High School for Girls in Long Island, New York, and is a rabbi at Congregation Anshei Chesed in Hewlett, New York.

1 review for A Night Of Teaching Haggadah

  1. Yona

    After a life of decades of reading the Haggadaah, Rabbi Rice, has enlarged my understanding of the meaning of Passover in his excellent study and guide. Thank you

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    A Night Of Teaching Haggadah
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