Amazing Hypnotherapy Tales

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Fascinating. Wondrous. Transformative. Healing.

With sixteen mind-blowing true patient accounts, Amazing Hypnotherapy Tales reveals to its readers the truth of the mind-body connection and the power of the mind for creating change.

Shaindel said, “I was cursed! That’s my problem.”

Shaindel’s firmly held belief affected her body negatively. Once she rid herself of this destructive conviction, her physiology changed, allowing for a positive response to fertility treatments.

Naomi’s cancer broke her spirit. “Chemo is poison, the hospital is a butcher shop, and I despise my doctor — she’s a robot, not human! She studies the chart, asks some questions, and writes instructions. No personal interaction. I’m just a number.”

Naomi’s attitude needed reframing. Once she reversed her negative mindset — and she did! —  healing became a real possibility.


Bracha Toporowitch has written a very interesting book describing her experience as a hypnotherapist. The book shows how useful hypnotherapy can be by detailing cases of people whom she has helped. This is a technique that can boost confidence and assist in overcoming many inner challenges, and I think any intelligent reader will see its benefits when responsibly administered.”

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz, world-renowned lecturer and author; founder, Jewish Medical Ethics Forum

About The Author

Bracha Pearl Toporowitch, wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, was born in London, England. She grew up in Brooklyn, and her high school years were spent under the tutelage of Rebbetzin Vichna Kaplan, a”h. After her marriage, she lived in Lakewood, New Jersey, during the time Rav Shneur Kotler, zt”l, was Rosh Yeshiva, and then she made aliyah with her family. She currently lives in Zichron Yaakov in the north of Israel. She has been working with women in various capacities since 1969, and since 1999 as a guided imagery practitioner and hypnotherapist. In 2017, she opened the Mind-Body Healing Fertility Clinic in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel. Mrs. Toporowitch gives shiurei Torah in Hebrew and English and always weaves true Jewish hashkafah into her work as a practitioner.

Mrs. Toporowitch was personally affected by the disastrous Egged Bus number 2 suicide bombing in August 2003 — dubbed by the media as “the children’s bus bombing” — as some of her close family members were on that bus. She gleaned many lessons for life from that traumatic event, which she continues to publicize in her speeches and writings.

She is the author of the riveting account of the life of her father in At Your Command (Targum, 2008); From Darkness to Dawn (Mosaica Press, 2018), the first novel of the Perlman family saga; and Sparks of Radiance (Mosaica Press, 2020), the second novel of the Perlman family saga. 

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2 reviews for Amazing Hypnotherapy Tales

  1. בלומי ראם

    Amazing, Beautiful true stories, You don’t want to put down the book. Very touching and really unbelievable. A book you must read!!

  2. Figgaleli

    Such a great book. Incredibly enlightening and fascinating, highly recommended

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