Attached - Connecting to Our Creator - A Jewish Psychological Approach - Rabbi Yakov Danishefsky


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This item will be released February 14, 2023.

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In Attached, readers gain new insight and learn remarkable tools for developing a powerful and sustained connection with God.

Through this profound and empowering approach, psychological principles and tools for successful relationships are repackaged through the lens of Torah and applied to the most important relationship of all — between ourselves and the Creator.


Attached is a beautifully written and practical book that addresses basic questions about faith and developing a deep relationship with God, embedded in the wisdom of Torah, Chassidus, and relevant psychological theories… In a world filled with pain and confusion, this book offers an anchor of faith filled with light and beauty.”

– Dr. David Pelcovitz

“The book’s profound yet practical wisdom will inform, inspire, and encourage each of us to seek the path of deveikus (attachment).”

 – Rabbi Moshe Weinberger

“The true secret of healthy human attachment is that it contains the power and potential to elevate man beyond his self-centered focus. It is, therefore, the key to becoming other-centered and to unlocking a meaningful relationship with the Divine. This is a book worth reading for those whose journey is directed toward a loving, present relationship with God.”

– Rabbi Shimon Russell, LCSW

“The author presents a detailed guide to achieving a true relationship with God… I found this work, although deep and philosophical, easily understandable and offering practical advice. I recommend this work to all those seeking to upgrade and intensify their relationship with the Almighty.”

– Rabbi Zev Leff

About The Author

 Rabbi Yakov Danishefsky is a licensed clinical social worker and a CSAT in Chicago, IL. He specializes in treating trauma, process addictions, and therapy for couples. His group practice, Mind-Body Therapy, provides a variety of therapeutic services for the greater Chicago area. Yakov is also a speaker, educator, and author who blends spirituality, philosophy, and psychology.


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