Balanced Teshuvah

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A Torah life contains within it the possibility to achieve great fulfillment and satisfaction. Each baal teshuvah should feel that they have the right tools to access the full potential that lies within themselves and is available as part of a vibrant Jewish life.

Balanced Teshuvah provides insight and guidance into the baal teshuvah experience in a unique and comprehensive way. Addressing the nuances of observant life for individuals who took on Torah and mitzvos, this book seeks to empower each baal teshuvah to feel confident in their ability to navigate frum life in a meaningful and successful way.



“…a very lucid, practical, and on-target exposition…should be mandatory reading…I highly recommend this very important work.”

Rav Michel Twerski, shlita, Milwaukee

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4 reviews for Balanced Teshuvah

  1. Bella

    What an incredible book! It taught me so much about living a balanced life, and understanding the fine details of our frum community. It is accessible and clear, allowing the reader to gain practical skills that are rarely discussed. The book lays out many everyday scenarios with clear guidance, to help anyone successfully navigate the frum world. This book has truly been a blessing to my life.

  2. Shifra

    Love, love, love this book! As someone who has worked a lot in kiruv, I find this book to be an invaluable resource! She nails it on so many complex issues that can be lifelong struggles if not properly understood. Hoping to see more from this author soon!

  3. Rachel L.

    For a Baal-Teshuva, it takes time to adjust to the nuances of living a frum life. How do we make the jump from relying on our Kiuruv mentors to being reliant on ourselves while forging new connections. Balanced Teshuva touches on so many of the aspects one goes through in a supportive, knowledgeable and affirming way. It is truly a gem and is highly recommended for anyone who has chosen a Torah life.

  4. Jenna McKenna

    Geared towards baalei teshuva, this book offers unique and extremely valuable insight into the nuances of frum life. The author has captured and successfully articulated the various areas in which a ba’al teshuva will come to navigate the Orthodox Jewish world. The book is divided into palatable sections and written with honesty and wisdom clearly gained from a breadth of knowledge about the average ba’al teshuva experience. A highly recommended read for baalei teshuva of any stage and those who work in any capacity with baalei teshuva.

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