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Bat ayin 3D setOne of the great Chassidic masters of the early nineteenth century, Rav Avraham Dov Ber Auerbach of Avritch, the Bat Ayin, was a disciple of some of the premier students of the Maggid of Mezritch, and served for many decades as a rabbinic authority and Chassidic leader in various Ukrainian towns and cities. Ultimately, he settled in Eretz Yisrael, where he became a heroic and legendary leader of the Jewish community of Tzefat.

With each passing year, an ever-growing number of people discover the teachings of the Bat Ayin and receive tremendous inspiration from his deeply thoughtful lessons. Now, for the first time, in clear and annotated English, readers can delve into the deep and moving teachings of the Bat Ayin on the parashiyot and holidays, encountering a veritable guide to avodat Hashem.

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“Rabbi Avraham Dov Auerbach of Avritch [was] a profound thinker and a singularly saintly neshamah…Until now, this masterpiece was inaccessible to the English-speaking community…”

—Harav Michel Twerski, Grand Rabbi of Hornosteipel


“The merit of our rabbi, the author, whose lips continue to move through our study of this holy sefer, will certainly protect all those who learn this holy book…”

—Harav Shraga Hager, Grand Rabbi of Kossov


“With abundant wisdom and understanding, the translator shares selections from this sefer to bring foundations [of Chassidut] to the English-speaking masses.

—Harav Shmuel Kamenetsky

About The Author

Rabbi Yisrael M. Mendelovits hails from Brooklyn, NY. He studied in the Yeshivas Mesivta of London, Yeshiva Eretz Tzvi under Hagaon Rav Mendel Atik, and the Mir Yeshiva. Rabbi Mendelovits has been deeply involved in chinuch for more than twenty years. In addition, he has authored numerous articles, and edits and reprints Chassidic sefarim. His publications include Maamar Esther on Purim by Rav Shlomo Kluger, a new edition of the Bas Ayin (edited from manuscripts and first printings, 2006), Mevaser Tzedek by R. Yissachor Dov of Zlutchev-Tezfas (2010), and Maayan Hachochma by R. Asher Tzvi of Ostrah (2020).

Rabbi Mendelovits lives in Linden, N.J., with his family and can be reached at

Book Description

Volume I: Bereishit- Shemot – 525 pages

Volume II: Vayikra- Devarim – 501 pages

Volume III: Moadim – 263 pages

2 reviews for Bat Ayin

  1. Martin polack (verified owner)

    This very holy Sefer influenced me to get even closer to Dveikus, to closeness to HaShem, increasing my Bitachon, my reliance on Him,his stress on humility, on serving HaShem, realizing His Greatness and His chesed. His constant loving kindnesses. Written in both Hebrew and English, it allowed me to improve my Hebrew skills!

  2. Elimelech Adler (verified owner)

    This is not just a translation of the Bas Ayin but an incredible elaboration on the points and concepts being discussed. Highly recommend.

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