Challenging Assumptions


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Does Judaism promote patriotism?

Should congregations reduce the length of their prayers?

Does the Torah believe in absolute gender norms?

Anchored in traditional sources, this book addresses contemporary issues facing Jewish society. Distilling both the halachic and philosophical considerations, Rabbi Moshe Kurtz challenges readers’ assumptions and provides the critical observer with a Torah prism for approaching today’s important questions.

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“Clear, cogent, and compelling … a real contribution to the world of Torah scholarship.”

Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter, Yeshiva University

“The learned individual will appreciate the wide range of sources. The novice will develop an appreciation for the halachic process and all the considerations that go into arriving at a final p’sak.”

Rabbi Ezra Schwartz, RIETS

“Rabbi Kurtz presents thoughtful approaches to topics that are in need of addressing. Contemporary Jews … will be enriched by the many important lessons imparted in this first-class sefer.”

Rabbi Chaim Jachter, Congregation Shaarei Orah


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    Challenging Assumptions
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