Cremation or Burial? A Jewish View - Rabbi Doron Kornbluth

Cremation or Burial?

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More and more Jews are choosing cremation rather than burial. Some of the reasons cited include environmentalism, discomfort with decomposition, and finances. Interestingly, aside from allegiance to tradition, the reasons to choose burial are not well-known.

Bestselling author Doron Kornbluth spent over three years studying the subject, speaking with experts, consulting with environmentalists, reading industry reports and academic studies, and examining both the realities on the ground and the philosophies behind burial and cremation choices. With a wealth of research and many practical insights, Cremation or Burial? A Jewish View analyzes the reasons people choose cremation, pointing out many myths and misconceptions along the way, and explains why throughout history Judaism and Jews have insisted on burial.

Deciding what to do with our bodies and those of our loved ones is both personal and meaningful. In a sense, it is the last decision we ever make — and one that cannot be undone. Sadly, these decisions are often made in the midst of grieving, with virtually no time to research or think through the issues. In this quick, easy-to-read, and informative book, readers will gain insight, knowledge, and understanding of this all-important issue.


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Cremation or Burial?
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