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According to our Sages, the ideal time to transmit the story of our Exodus from Egypt is when parents and children sit together at the Seder, exchanging questions and answers. Dr. Ari’s Haggadah simplifies the process and asks the important questions for us. With its engaging question-and-answer format, followed by short digestible takeaway messages, this refreshing new Haggadah illuminates the fundamental concepts of our Redemption, so that everyone can understand—at any age or level.

This Haggadah includes:

  • The Shulchan Aruch’s halachos of the Seder
  • Rabbi Avraham Sperling’s Taamei Haminhagim of the Seder
  • Fully translated text for ease of following and understanding


“With this unique peirush on the Haggadah, Dr. Ciment meets his goal of having something for everyone participating in the Seder.”

Rabbi Donald Bixon, Mora D’Asra, Miami Beach

 “Dr. Ari Ciment presents the Haggadah with a new approach — questions, answers, and takeaway messages… this unique approach is very valuable, easy to follow, and important for comprehension.”

Rabbi Prof. Avraham Steinberg, MD, Editor of Talmudic Encyclopedia

“I cannot wait to use this Haggadah with my family around the table for years to come!

Eli Beer, CEO of United Hatzalah

About The Author

Ari Judah Ciment, son of Larry and Helen Ciment, has been practicing pulmonary and critical care medicine in Miami Beach, Florida, since 2008. In addition to many medical field achievements, he has been an invited grand-rounds lecturer for several hospitals and universities and has publications in the New England Journal of Medicine and Chest. He currently is the pulmonary and critical care fellowship director at Mount Sinai Medical Center and is clinical associate professor at FIU medical school and Nova Southeastern University. 

Dr. Ciment served as the president of the medical staff of Mount Sinai Medical Center during the coronavirus pandemic and was able to treat thousands of coronavirus patients. Honored at the Heroes breakfast and at his hometown high school Hebrew Academy of Greater Miami, he received the key to the City of Miami Beach from his good friend Mayor Dan Gelber.  He is an honorary member of the local Hatzalah of South Florida and is most proud to be the Florida Chair of United Hatzalah of Israel promoting their great work.

His prior books include Pirkei Dr. Ari connections of parsahah with Pirkei Avos as well as Coronavirus Pandemic stories and halachic review written alongside mentor Rabbi Avraham Steinberg. His hobbies include basketball, tennis, guitar, and writing. He lives with his wife, Elissa, and their three children, Tehila, Jack, and Sam, in Miami Beach, Florida.


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