Exploring Perek Shirah


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In Perek Shirah, Chazal gathered eighty-five elements of the natural world, each one declaring a certain truth, its own shirah. Minerals, plant life, aquatic life, and animal life all take their place in a glorious shiras ha’briah. What, however, are those truths, cryptically encoded in the shiros? What messages should we meditate on while reciting the words of Perek Shirah?

In Exploring Perek Shirah, each shirah is examined through the lens of Chazal to discover its inner meaning. The origin and purpose of this ancient text are also examined to discover the spiritual foundation of our natural world.


“This work is literally an encyclopaedic compendium on Perek Shirah… I found [it] fascinating, informative, and inspiring.”

Rabbi Zev Leff

“Today there is a worldwide thirst for understanding the meaning of Perek Shirah, and Rebbetzin Tugendhaft has done a remarkable job in making it accessible to the wider public.”

Dayan Y.Y. Lichtenstein



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    Exploring Perek Shirah
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