Gematria Refigured - Rabbi Elie Feder, PhD

Gematria Refigured

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Gematria is a polarizing topic. While many love it, many others view it with skepticism.

What is the purpose of gematria?
Can we truly learn anything from the numerical representation of words?
What is beneath these creative yet apparently simplistic interpretations?

While jointly pursuing semichah and a PhD in mathematics, it seemed natural for Elie Feder to love gematria. However, he was bothered by these compelling questions. That is, until he discovered the purpose of gematria.
Gematria Refigured presents the discoveries that led to the author’s transformation from a gematria skeptic to a gematria lover. It develops a theory which elucidates how the Torah and Chazal use gematria to direct us toward a very specific type of idea. Through its many examples,  this work illustrates how gematria can help us uncover novel insights, while providing interesting and clearly formulated perspectives into many mitzvos, themes, and stories in Tanach.    
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“This book has paved a path to understand the hidden riddle [of gematria].”

–Rav Asher Weiss


“Both fascinating and eye-opening… I highly recommend that the tzibbur learns through this work.

–Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits

“Rabbi Elie Feder has ‘redeemed’ gematria in a most beautiful and erudite way.” 

–Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz

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2 reviews for Gematria Refigured

  1. Tuvia Mairanz (verified owner)

    Rabbi Feder has used his fascinating journey to a new understanding of gematria as a way of presenting many deep ideas in a clear and easy to read manner. Each chapter brings new and profound insights not only to the method and wisdom in Chazal’s use of gematria, but more importantly, to the underlying topic beyond the gematria. Rabbi Feder’s analysis of these topics demonstrate his clear, incisive and original way of thinking. I look forward to more books by this author. I highly recommend this well written and enlightening book.

  2. Rabbi Uri Pilichowski

    Book Review: Gematria Refigured by Rabbi Dr. Elie Feder

    If you’re like me you roll your eyes whenever someone gets up to give a Dvar Torah and begins with a Gematria. A Dvar Torah that begins with a Gematria is a clear sign of a less than serious Dvar Torah. If you’re also like me you never really understood the countless sayings of Chazal, Rashi and the Ba’al Haturim that all utilize Gematria to explain the Torah.

    Rabbi Dr. Elie Feder has come to the rescue – a brilliant Torah scholar with a PhD in Mathematics, Rabbi Feder (I know him personally) explained in the introduction to his new book, “Gematria Refigured,” that he began as a Gematria skeptic as well. After twenty years of study and research, Rabbi Feder has developed a methodology to Gematria (with an analytical approach) that the Torah scholar and layman can both appreciate.

    In Gematria Refigured Rabbi Feder teaches the methodology to analyzing Gematria and shows over ten examples of famous Gematria based explanations and how the methodology applies to explain the episode. Not only does this book help explain Gematria for the first time, it also provides many Torah ideas you’ll be quoting for years.

    If you’re a Gematria skeptic I highly recommend Gematria Refigured. If you’re a Torah student (Shouldn’t we all be?) I recommend learning this sefer soon. You won’t be disappointed.

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Gematria Refigured
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