God versus gods

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Most of us think of avodah zarah as something repugnant, forbidden, and entirely outside our scope of interest. But its treatment in Tanach and by Chazal shows much complexity that we gloss over. Rabbi Klein, a talmid chacham and scholar, does the heavy lifting for us, uncovering what we need to know — and entirely in the spirit of Chazal and our mesorah.

Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, Director of Interfaith Affairs, Simon Wiesenthal Center


Much of the Bible is an attack on various pagan rituals that were practiced by the Israelites and their neighbors…But the exact meaning and nature of what is being condemned and why are shrouded in mystery — with the result that large parts of our own sacred texts are simply not understood. Rabbi Klein is providing a very useful service in filling this lacuna.

Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Breitowitz, Rav, Kehillat Ohr Somayach, Jerusalem, Israel


Rabbi Reuven Chaim Klein once again combines traditional rabbinic scholarship with historical and archeological information to give us a complete and comprehensive treatment of a vast topic…Engaging and informative, this unique book is highly recommended for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the main obstacle to the Jewish People’s relationship with G-d in the time of the Bible.

Rabbi Dr. Zvi Ron, Editor, Jewish Bible Quarterly

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  1. jose

    Excellent book ! Amazing ! Highly recommended . A true scholar research on the avoda Zara and The Real Avoda Hashem . Thank you rabbi for working on this great Sefer

  2. David

    Rabbi Klein deconstructs the rather abstruse topic of idolatry addressing varied elements including forms of worship, its allure on the ancients, the surprising convergence of monotheistic beliefs with polytheistic practices etc. Geared for those who value meticulous historical research while maintaining a healthy respect for traditional beliefs. Will be appreciated by anyone with even a passing interest in this subject.

  3. Bernard Jackson

    Rabbi Klein uses rabbinic tradition (from ancient to modern times) supplemented by modern biblical and archaeological scholarship to trace the history of Jewish thought on idolatry in biblical times and to provide a discussion of 37 foreign deities mentioned in the Bible. An elegantly produced, clearly written, thoroughly researched, methodologically honest and uniquely useful book.

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