Haggadah for the Curious – 2


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Make your Seder table come alive!

Haggadah for the Curious was a surprise bestseller: used both in preparation for the Seder and at the Seder table itself, it is a unique collection of questions and answers proven to stimulate thought — and curiosity! — at the Pesach Seder. Haggadah for the Curious, Volume Two does it again: filled with new captivating questions, riddles, and fascinating answers, it is destined to spark excitement!

“This unusual Haggadah is highly recommended. It does exactly what the Pesach Seder should do: stimulate thought and enhance the educational process. The questions are interesting, many are novel, and the reader is guaranteed a fascinating experience.”


One of the most effective ways of engaging the family at the Seder is to challenge those present with questions, which will then be met with energetic responses. Haggadah for the Curious accomplishes this goal in a superb manner.



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