Halachah Matters

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A business partner arranged a meeting with you in another state. After you fly in to meet with him, he cancels the meeting. Is he responsible for your costs? Your daughter-in-law makes your favorite dessert, but you find it flavorless. May you lie in order to preserve shalom bayis? Your young child accidentally breaks a vase at a store. Are you responsible? With true-to-life anecdotes that are as relevant as they are entertaining, Halachah Matters presents the reader with modern-day halachic dilemmas. For each predicament, a halachic analysis ensues, followed by a conclusion and further questions to consider — providing an ideal springboard for meaningful dialogue in a wide variety of settings.

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“My dear friend, Rabbi Zvi Nachman, has provided us with an invaluable resource… He brings his unusual combination of being both steeped in Torah and an accomplished businessman with real world experience.  Each essay is thought provoking, informative, entertaining and inspiring.  In addition to studying on its own, this wonderful new sefer makes an excellent companion for every Shabbos table to guide meaningful Torah discussions.  I highly recommend you add it to your bookshelf.”

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

“I am filled with joy upon seeing the fruits of your labor, with the publishing of your sefer on complex Halachic topics relevant to daily life. I know how much effort you have invested over the years delving into these complex sugyas – always with a level of clarity, seeking the truth, and committed to the integrity of the Halachic decisors before us.”

Rabbi Zvi Ralbag

“My dear friend, Rabbi Zvi Nachman… has authored a sefer which is both informative and entertaining. The halacha is… illustrated in story form, piquing the reader’s curiosity, making it impossible to stop reading before reaching the author’s conclusion. It is my fervent hope that Rav Nachman’s sefer will find favor in the eyes of many, especially for those thirsting for Shabbos table discussion content.”

Rav Shalom Rosner

“My dear friend, R. Zvi Nachman, has been giving shiurim for many years that would make Rav Moshe [Feinstein], zt”l, proud! Halachah Matters reflects the hard work, common sense, and painstaking limud HaTorah of an exceptional ben Torah.”

Rav Moshe Weinberger 

“Overflowing with pearls of wisdom, written with good taste and a sense of tradition, with clarity and beauty.” (translated from Hebrew)

Rav Asher Weiss

4 reviews for Halachah Matters

  1. Rabbi Dr Tuviah S Shulman

    An outstanding work from this creative and entertaining author
    A must read for all
    Be inspired!!

  2. Lester Katz

    Rabbi Nachman presents ‘real life’ dilemmas that provide much food for thought. He writes about situations where the reader is presented with interesting moral, ethical, and halachic choices to make. After giving background sources to support differing views, he provides conclusions to the story, along with questions if the situation were slightly different. I highly recommend this book as a useful tool for discussions at the family dinner table, you may be surprised at the lively give and take you have with others in trying to see what the right thing is to do in life. I also enjoy the concise format in which the book is written, in 2 or 3 page snippets. This is definitely a book I will be using and reusing for years to come. Well done!

  3. Agi Schwartz

    Wow! What an amazing book! I guess PERFECT books run in the family…Each chapter is such a great table discussion( or debate) starter. Great examples from our every day life and situations you would never even think about that can be halachically right or wrong! A MUST BUY! Thank you Rabbi Tzvi Nachman for this great book! Can’t wait for part 2!!

  4. Gabriella Lavian

    Excellent sefer to read every night at the dinner table with my husband. The chapters are short, entertaining and thought provoking. We appreciate how Rabbi Zvi Nachman breaks down the Halacha in a clear manner and then how it applies with the secular law.

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Halachah Matters
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