Infinite Marriage


This item will be released April 15, 2024.

Discover Your Happily Ever After

  • Are you tirelessly searching for your soulmate?
  • Wondering if your current partner is ‘the one’?

Let Coach Ratner guide you towards the love story you’ve always yearned for. His celebrated Four Phases of Love formula is not just a theory; it’s a proven path to finding and nurturing a loving, fulfilling marriage.

What ‘Infinite Marriage’ Offers:

  • Simple yet Profound Concepts: Grasp the essence of true love with ease.
  • Memorable Phrases: Catchy and insightful, making the journey towards love stick in your mind.
  • Practical Tools: A unique dating worksheet to help identify your soulmate.

Your Journey to Love’s True Potential ‘Infinite Marriage’ is a transformative experience that equips you with the knowledge and tools to find and forge a lasting bond. Discover the power of love and ‘merit your bashert’ with this enlightening guide.

“Original, creative, and innovative…”

Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Zev Ginzberg

About The Author

Coach Ratner is a former world-class rare coin dealer and real estate developer in America. He now lives in Israel, teaching and giving stimulating seminars throughout the country. His focus is on personal growth, relationships, and spiritual motivation. He also  has a weekly show, “The Living in Clarity Podcast,” on YouTube and all major podcast outlets. You can find him speaking weekly at the Aish Essentials program in the Old City of Jerusalem, or at


Daniel brings much freshness, insight, experience, and most of all passion to all he touches, especially his many efforts in sharing his learning and Torah thoughts. Daniel’s words are tailored for practical everyday living, and not left for abstraction and hypothetical.

Daniel, a prolific teacher and author, has now embarked on a project to share his many powerful insights on the sacred institution of marriage. Anyone encountering Daniel’s ideas on this will have much to grapple with, considering their breadth, perspective, clarity, and wisdom.

Rabbi Menachem Winter

The distinguished author of this new book called “Infinite Marriage” has once again provided a valuable resource to the world community to help focus and improve on the most significant relationship that humans can have, and that is the relationship between husband and wife.

A previously published author, Coach Ratner – after a successful career in business – moved several years ago to Yerushalayim and has become an influential educator at Aish HaTorah. He focuses all his talents and efforts on fostering meaningful relationships amongst married couples that can and will enhance and increase shalom bayis in many homes.

Coach Ratner discussed some of his thoughts and insights with me, and I found them to be original, creative, and innovative in helping to foster better and stronger relationships amongst couples. I highly recommend this new book and extend a tremendous collective “yasher koach” to him for making this book available to the larger public, who will without doubt benefit from the refreshing ideas and concepts that are outlined in these pages. We have grown accustomed to working on our relationships with fellow workers, siblings, and the general community. However, we have been neglectful in working on the most important relationship that we have and that is the one with our spouse. Now Coach Ratner has provided the tools to do so.

I wish him much hatzlachah with this new book, as well as the other projects of self-improvement that he is involved with. May the improvements that will come from this book help each and every home to be stronger and better, and that will provide the next generation with the proper role models to improve their homes as well.

Respectfully submitted,

Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Zev Ginzberg

Coach Ratner’s latest masterpiece, “Infinite Marriage,” gives his readers an arsenal of tools to guide them through the intricate phases of dating and marriage. This book is a journey of self-discovery, offering a treasure trove of tools to navigate the complexities of any relationship.

Infused with thought-provoking concepts, easily recallable acronyms, and the richness of Jewish philosophy, “Infinite Marriage” will be a source of depth and purpose to every reader. From the wisdom of “Your Ego Is Not Your Amigo” to the concept of “Sunscreen Love,” Coach Ratner captivates readers, keeping them stimulated and engaged. His unique blend of humor, energy, and passion permeates the pages, reaching deep into the reader’s soul.

This book transcends religious boundaries, making it a must-read for individuals of all backgrounds. Coach Ratner’s “Infinite Marriage” is a must-read for anyone who wants to achieve the relationship of their dreams.

Rabbi Steve Burg
CEO, Aish Global


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