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Twenty-first-century parenting can feel ridiculously hard!

As our world changes at a dizzying pace, we face challenges never before encountered. Raising emotionally healthy children is more critical than ever, yet parenting is the one area for which we are least prepared.

We wonder:

  • What do our children need?
  • Why do they behave this way?
  • How can we nurture the parent-child bond?

Amid this swirling fog of confusion, Dr. Shalom Augenbaum illuminates the way. With hope and encouragement, the author journeys with us into the inner world of our children. He shows us how to reorient ourselves to their ever-present, essential emotional needs and reconnect with our own inherent wisdom, freeing us to raise our children intentionally— without simply reacting to their behaviors.

Discover the version of parenting best suited for your child. Learn how to parent – from the “inside out”.

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“I can’t stop thinking how much I would have benefited from this book during those sweet, challenging years of raising my own family.”

Rav Moshe Weinberger

5 reviews for Inside-Outside Parenting

  1. SG

    This book is a great read for all. Definitely an eye opener! So many smart pointers in regards to raising children as well as developing a healthy and loving relationship with them. A great read that does require time and concentration, yet will leave you with many important lessons, tips, and techniques to work with!

  2. Eli

    “Inside-Outside Parenting,” penned by esteemed psychotherapist Dr. Shalom Augenbaum, is not just another parenting guide – it’s a refreshing perspective on parenting that urges us to consider it as a journey of self-understanding and self-reflection. It’s designed for anyone who interacts with children, whether you’re a parent, teacher, or a professional in child development.

    The central theme of the book is profound yet straightforward – understand and respond to the needs that motivate a child’s behavior instead of simply reacting to the behavior itself. The author emphasizes the need for self-awareness among parents, which makes it unique among most child behavior-focused books.

    Starting on this self-reflective note, the initial chapters encourage parents to introspect their actions and behaviors. The idea is simple yet powerful – before blaming the child for everything, let’s look inward and understand our part in the interaction.

    Dr. Augenbaum’s work also stands out in its in-depth exploration of children’s personality and temperament. You’ll find valuable insights into how these elements shape a child’s behavior and the dynamics of your relationship with them. His approach is especially useful for those caring for children who have experienced distressing or traumatic events.

    The age-specific advice is another highlight. This guide isn’t just for parents of toddlers or teenagers, but for every stage in between as well. It serves as a companion that evolves with your child, offering guidance for every stage of their growth.

    One standout section dives into adolescence and existentialism. Dr. Augenbaum skillfully unveils the complexities of teenage years and offers much-needed clarity on the existential crises they often face.

    Readers will appreciate the various parenting styles introduced in the book. Unlike most parenting guides that suggest a one-size-fits-all strategy, Dr. Augenbaum encourages you to adapt your parenting to suit your child’s unique needs.

    What sets this book apart is that Dr. Augenbaum’s religious beliefs underpin his views on parenting. This spiritual foundation adds a rich depth to the book, making it not only a practical guide but also a source of spiritual inspiration for caregivers.

    Written in an accessible style, “Inside-Outside Parenting” combines academic rigor with clinical experience. Dr. Augenbaum’s wealth of knowledge and experience makes this a trusted resource for those navigating the rewarding, yet challenging, journey of raising a child.

    In conclusion, “Inside-Outside Parenting” earns a well-deserved five stars. It’s not just a book; it’s an enlightening journey that encourages self-reflection, understanding children’s needs, and adapting parenting styles. It’s a transformative resource that offers valuable guidance for every stage of a child’s life. Whether you’re a new parent or an experienced caregiver, Dr. Augenbaum’s wisdom is sure to leave a lasting impact.

  3. Heshy

    Book Review: “Inside – Outside Parenting ” by Dr. Shalom Augenbaum

    Dr. Shalom Augenbaum’s book on parenting is a true gem in the world of child-rearing literature. With decades of experience in psychotherapy, Augenbaum’s expertise shines through in every chapter, making this book an invaluable resource for both new parents and those navigating the intricate world of raising teenagers.

    One of the book’s standout features is Augenbaum’s ability to draw from both professional and personal experiences. This combination creates a truly authentic tone, making readers feel not only like they are receiving expert guidance but also like they are sitting down for a heartfelt conversation with a close friend. Augenbaum’s anecdotes and stories serve as powerful illustrations of the concepts presented, making it easy for readers to relate and apply the advice to their own parenting journey.

    Written in a pithy style, the book effortlessly keeps the reader engaged from start to finish. Augenbaum’s concise writing delivers impactful messages, ensuring that every sentence holds weight and relevance. This not only makes it enjoyable to read but also allows readers to absorb and process the material more effectively.

    The author himself emphasizes that this book is not meant to be a one-time sitting read. Instead, it is a reservoir of parenting knowledge that warrants digesting concepts, thinking them through, and even repetitive reads. Each layer of understanding deepens the reader’s enjoyment and appreciation for the wealth of insights contained within these pages.

    Whether it’s the challenges of infancy or the complexities of raising a teenager, “Inside- Outside Parenting ” covers it all. Augenbaum’s practical advice, mixed with his empathetic approach, will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on any reader who delves into the book’s wisdom. His ability to balance theory and real-life experiences makes this book an invaluable resource for parents seeking guidance, reassurance, and support.

    In summary, “Inside-Outside Parenting – by Dr. Shalom Augenbaum is a highly recommended read for individuals at any stage of their parenting journey. Augenbaum’s unique blend of professional expertise, personal anecdotes, and pithy writing style sets this book apart from others in the genre. It is a book that not only imparts wisdom but also fosters growth and deeper connections with our children.

  4. Shira W.

    Reading “Inside-Outside Parenting” by Dr. Shalom Augenbaum felt like getting top-notch advice from a wise friend. It’s real, it’s practical, and it totally made parenting less of a guessing game for me. Trust me, this is the book you’ll wish you had on your nightstand sooner!

  5. Tzivy Reiter

    I just completed the wonderful book, Inside Outside Parenting. It is an exceptionally well written book.
    It leads with compassion – for both the feelings and experience of children AND the experiences of parents – conveying understanding of both the incredible influence a parent wields – but also the realistic limitations of everyday parenting life. There is no judgement or shame as is so often imposed upon parents – only wise and compassionate guidance, validation and instruction.

    I lost count of the sticky notes I placed in this book to mark an especially moving or instructive passage that resonated with me

    Children need to be heard and seen- to paraphrase the words of the boy in one of his stories- they need to be “real.”
    This book is not about jwhat not to do- as so many parenting books are – but what to do and why.

    Filled with stories illustrations, stories and quotes – it was extremely informative and entertaining
    Each chapter was meant to be savored and reflected upon and with Hashem help, integrated into one’s life.

    Kol Hakavod for such a beautiful piece of work.

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