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Israel is beautiful, inspirational, and the most spiritual place on Earth.

Its visual beauty is extraordinary and varied. Its history is meaningful and intriguing. Incredibly, despite possessing few natural resources and a constant need for self-defense, the Jewish People have successfully returned to their ancient Homeland. Even more, this small country has not only survived but thrived.

Something amazing is happening before our very eyes. Every square mile of this gorgeous country has an amazing place to see and an incredible story to tell — if only we would take the time to look and listen. Therefore, this book.

In this unique volume, Mosaica Press has brought the best of Israel together in one place: stunning images captured by one of Israel’s most exciting photographers, Seth Aronstam, are combined with fascinating explanations and remarkable stories written by renowned tour guide and educator, Doron Kornbluth.

Open these pages — and be enchanted.

Seth Aronstam was born and raised in South Africa and now lives with his wife and children in the Beit Shemesh area of Israel.

In college, he studied graphic design and advertising. Over the last twenty years, he has established himself as one of the premier art directors, graphic designers, and visual artists in Israel, South Africa, and the United States. He has worked with some of the most prestigious graphics and advertising firms in the world.

Seth’s passion is photography. He has developed new techniques and was, for example, one of the first photographers in Israel to use advanced drones for still photography. With a keen eye, tremendous technical know-how, and endless patience, he has taken some of the best photographs ever taken of the Holy Land. For the first time, in this book, his amazing photographs are available to all.

9 reviews for Inspirational Israel

  1. Steve

    The most beautiful coffee-table book on Israel I’ve ever seen. And the text is SO inspirational.

  2. Jon

    Absolutely stunning and beautiful overview of the Holyland… ISRAEL. Incredible pictures and narration, a must have. Perfect for the library or coffee table. Enjoy!

  3. Pinchas Budik

    Great book. Thought I’d get it as a nice centerpiece for the coffee table, but discovered it as a great backdrop for discussing historical and biblical sites across Eretz Yisrael with the kids, who love flipping through the beautiful photos. I think the text hits a difficult middle-ground between being high level Torah-accurate history while also being interesting for a non-Jewish reader as well, so I plan to get another one next time I have clients visiting from abroad. 🙂

  4. Trevor Toviyah Stamelman

    The most interesting and inspiring books of it’s kind a must for every Jewish home kol hakavod ????

  5. Gershon Burstyn

    Seth and Doron put together perhaps the best Israel photo/travel book I have ever seen. Amazing, awe-inspiring pictures and in-depth history for the locations. A great gift for Israel lovers.

  6. Shraga Simmons

    Every so often an idea comes along that leaves the rest of us wondering: “Why didn’t I think of that?” Thankfully this team has produced a book that inspires a generation of Israel lovers. I’ll take 10 copies!

  7. Shalom Schwartz

    We love everything about this book. The photographs and the text are simply outstanding. We have given copies of the book to both friends and family in Israel and abroad, and the response has always been the same…the book is amazing!!

  8. Moe Mernick

    This is one my favorite books! My wife, kids, and I all love it, and often look through it. It’s helped us appreciate our beautiful country so much more, and it’s even helped us plan local trips 🙂 I also bought it for a family members in the US, hoping it’ll inspire them to make Aliyah! It’s a highly recommended read!

  9. Peter Katz

    There are no shortages of Israeli coffee table books out there. Inspiration Israel is right at the top. With over 400 world class pictures it show cases some of Israel’s most interesting and in many cases unknown sites. The bite-sized, exceptionally well written narratives turn the conventional coffee table book format into a book you will want to read cover-to-cover. A perfect partnership between a world class photographer and a brilliant writer with an exceptional knowledge of the Israeli landscape.

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