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This is a story about thinking. How do we think about life? This is also a story about feeling. How do we feel about others — and G-d? Can we find meaning in our challenges? Can we control how we think — and feel — about the surprises that life tends to send our way? When we are faced a medical situation, should we simply rely on our doctors or research medical options ourselves? How do we “educated moderns” approach prayer and trust in G-d? Can we see the goodness of the world during a time of suffering? These journal entries by Ricki Simon and her late husband, Dr. Ely Simon, z”l, began as honest and moving reflections as they faced crisis. They have become a beautiful account of a couple’s journey, and a touching and inspirational story that will forever change how we deal with challenge, crisis, family, and belief. Enter their world and emerge stronger, deeper, and closer to G-d.

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5 reviews for Journals of Faith

  1. DG

    This is one of the most raw, moving, and inspirational books I’ve ever read. I could not put it down. The unwavering faith that Ely and Ricki have throughout this trying time is unbelievable. The book takes you on their journey and shows the power that faith can have on one’s ability to cope during the darkest of times. Very well written and an important read for everyone, especially those experiencing hardship.

  2. Aviva Fax

    This book is not only inspirational and moving, but also a very important read for anyone who has gone through, is going through, or knows anyone going through a challenging time in their lives. Ely and Ricki share their innermost thoughts, fears, hopes, and of course faith in a way that both gave me great strength and moved me to tears. Definitely a must read

  3. Sharon Lo

    There is no surprise ending here, as is made clear on the cover of the book. This is the story of a spiritual journey, embarked upon by two individuals who are looking to find meaning in a life-and-death crisis. A literary critic (or cynic) could find fault in its occasional repetitiveness, but they would be missing the point. The book is a log of feelings and prayers, attempts of rational thoughts under dire stress, and the mantra of hope and belief that guide this special couple to seek light during a very dark time. Ricki has shared this intimate log with the reader in order to give meaning to her personal tragedy, and thus bring some good to the world. May Ely rest in peace and may his memory be a blessing.

  4. Rachel

    We got this book on Friday and I couldn’t put it down. I finished it over Shabbos. It was so well written on so many levels, that I enjoyed it immensely. The insight, the emunah and bitachon that the Simon’s portrayed is incredulous! It lifted my soul and spirit. I knew the ending before I read it, but as I was reading I was rooting for a different ending. I cried with Riki when she cried. I look up to her for the strength that she possess. May Hashem continue to give her the strength, emunah and bitachon to inspire many…

  5. J L

    Journals of Faith is inspiring as well as heartwarming. The book is complete with emotional encouragement and
    spirituality. Recommended for anyone going through or knowing someone who has severe medical difficulties.

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