The Journey to Your Ultimate Self

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Everyone will agree that a story needs an ending; unless a story goes somewhere, it’s pointless. The purpose of a set-up is to lead toward a conclusion, toward a destination. A story without an ending, without a purpose, is not a story worth telling.


The same is true for our lives: we need a destination. We are all part of a larger story, but we’re also writing our own individual stories. Hashem created us in this world with unlimited potential, but that was only the “set-up” — the beginning of our story. Without a purposeful destination, a clear goal, and a deeper understanding of who we are and who we are meant to be, the set-up lacks true meaning. We need to make this a meaningful journey — a story of growth, creativity, and contribution. That is why I wrote this sefer, to help you along your personal journey, to help you become the ultimate version of yourself. As you learn through this sefer, plant the ideas within your mind and soul, and bring them to life. Make your life a meaningful journey, an extraordinary story.
Go write your punch line.

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“This sefer has been written with wisdom and understanding and presented in a clear and pleasant style. I am certain that it will be well-received and that many will benefit from its light.”

–Rav Asher Weiss 

“Rabbi Reichman is an insightful scholar who seeks to explore and formulate core Torah principles in a sophisticated and rigorous fashion, and in a manner that is also accessible to a broader public… The melding of style and substance and the passion for talmud Torah that is implicit throughout the work is impressive.”

–Rav Michael Rosensweig

“A thought-provoking commentary on Torah ideas. Those who think deeply about these issues will certainly expand their intellectual and spiritual horizons.”

–Rabbi Akiva Tatz 

“If you are a deep thinker, this book is for you.

If you see Hashem as infused in every part of Creation, this book will speak to you.

If you love life and its endless insights, this book will open your eyes still wider.

If you love Hashem and His perfect Torah, you will love seeing His signature all over this book.”

– Rabbi Jonathan Rietti 

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6 reviews for The Journey to Your Ultimate Self

  1. Dr. Marc Berkson (verified owner)

    Amazing! You must purchase this book. It will change your life

  2. David Baturo (verified owner)

    This was a fantastic read with a unique approach on character development. I liked how it was broken up by parsha to keep Sefer relevant all year round!

  3. Heliana CD

    Pure wisdom in a book. Rabbi Reichman has been a great teacher for me and when I knew he was publishing a book I knew it’d be a fantastic reference to keep and to gift. You’ll definitely go on a journey exploring so many aspects to make your life so much better.

  4. Howard Meyer (verified owner)

    This helped me on my life journey. I like the advice to document the goings on on my life. In this way I cumulatively see the good in all that G-d does.

  5. Shmuel (verified owner)

    This book is a true pleasure to read.
    Read it straight cover to cover, or pick it up on the Parsha, there’s something for everyone.
    It’s the type of book that makes you stop, think, read some more, stop, and think again… growing every step along the way. Highly recommended.

  6. Yona Kaufman (verified owner)

    I love this book! I have been enjoying it so much, it’s a little hard for me to understand all in one sitting so I have designated it for Shabbos and I read it over Friday night and all Shabbos day. I try and think about each paragraph after I read it to make sure I understood it and I will sometimes go back and read it again after. I really like the summary points and the points to ponder. I really like how the book is divided into the parsha so you have something to connect the points to but then also can think about deep concepts on Shabbos. I think everyone should definitely read this book and I have recommended this book to a few friends. I have also used some of these parsha’s for speeches in school events.
    This book is truly something that can help everyone grow and can really help us all find our true self.

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The Journey to Your Ultimate Self
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