The Journey to Your Ultimate Self

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Everyone will agree that a story needs an ending; unless a story goes somewhere, it’s pointless. The purpose of a set-up is to lead toward a conclusion, toward a destination. A story without an ending, without a purpose, is not a story worth telling.


The same is true for our lives: we need a destination. We are all part of a larger story, but we’re also writing our own individual stories. Hashem created us in this world with unlimited potential, but that was only the “set-up” — the beginning of our story. Without a purposeful destination, a clear goal, and a deeper understanding of who we are and who we are meant to be, the set-up lacks true meaning. We need to make this a meaningful journey — a story of growth, creativity, and contribution. That is why I wrote this sefer, to help you along your personal journey, to help you become the ultimate version of yourself. As you learn through this sefer, plant the ideas within your mind and soul, and bring them to life. Make your life a meaningful journey, an extraordinary story.
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“This sefer has been written with wisdom and understanding and presented in a clear and pleasant style. I am certain that it will be well-received and that many will benefit from its light.”

–Rav Asher Weiss 

“Rabbi Reichman is an insightful scholar who seeks to explore and formulate core Torah principles in a sophisticated and rigorous fashion, and in a manner that is also accessible to a broader public… The melding of style and substance and the passion for talmud Torah that is implicit throughout the work is impressive.”

–Rav Michael Rosensweig

“A thought-provoking commentary on Torah ideas. Those who think deeply about these issues will certainly expand their intellectual and spiritual horizons.”

–Rabbi Akiva Tatz 

“If you are a deep thinker, this book is for you.

If you see Hashem as infused in every part of Creation, this book will speak to you.

If you love life and its endless insights, this book will open your eyes still wider.

If you love Hashem and His perfect Torah, you will love seeing His signature all over this book.”

– Rabbi Jonathan Rietti 

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Book Reviews

Jewish Press

While we’ve just barely started the summer, it’s not too early to start thinking about a new sefer on the weekly Torah portion for the next year.

So much of our day is spent involved in mundane activities – running to the grocery store, driving carpool, putting dinner on the table, working long hours… the list goes on. It’s easy to put personal and spiritual growth at the bottom of our to-do list. The Journey to Your Ultimate Self by Rabbi Shmuel Reichman is the perfect volume for anyone who wants to bring personal and spiritual growth higher up on the list.

In The Journey to Your Ultimate Self, each section opens with a story or metaphor to help the reader better relate to the main points of the parsha, which sets the framework for the many ideas that follow. As the Torah is our guidebook, helping one reach his/her full potential, every section contains divrei Torah, discussion questions and action points. The discussion questions can also be used as journal prompts. Examples of discussion questions include: How do you find your unique purpose? Is it more important to be skilled in an area or to enjoy it? Action points include: Pick an area in your life where you tend to stay in your comfort zone, make a plan for steps to take to go beyond it, identify three ways in which you tend to compare yourself to others, and work on focusing inward in those areas.

The main points of each Torah portion are bulleted at the end of each section. This sefer can be used at the Shabbos table for parsha review and discussion question prompts, even if not everyone sitting down at the meal has read the book.

Many of the ideas build upon each other from one week to the next. For example, much of the material in the first few sections centers on how we spend our lives re-learning the Torah taught to us in the womb by a malach, how our journey of self-discovery is actually a journey of self-re-discovery, reconnecting with our G-d-given mission in this world. One does not need to read these in sequence in order to understand the material. However, the more one reviews these concepts, the more one will internalize them.

In essence, this sefer focuses on helping the reader fill his/her toolbox, bringing Torah wisdom from the head to the heart. The reader will maximize his/her experience with this sefer by completing the weekly exercises by discussion at the Shabbos table, with a chavrusa or chabura, and/or completing them as journal prompts.

20 reviews for The Journey to Your Ultimate Self

  1. Dr. Marc Berkson (verified owner)

    Amazing! You must purchase this book. It will change your life

  2. David Baturo (verified owner)

    This was a fantastic read with a unique approach on character development. I liked how it was broken up by parsha to keep Sefer relevant all year round!

  3. Heliana CD

    Pure wisdom in a book. Rabbi Reichman has been a great teacher for me and when I knew he was publishing a book I knew it’d be a fantastic reference to keep and to gift. You’ll definitely go on a journey exploring so many aspects to make your life so much better.

  4. Howard Meyer (verified owner)

    This helped me on my life journey. I like the advice to document the goings on on my life. In this way I cumulatively see the good in all that G-d does.

  5. Shmuel (verified owner)

    This book is a true pleasure to read.
    Read it straight cover to cover, or pick it up on the Parsha, there’s something for everyone.
    It’s the type of book that makes you stop, think, read some more, stop, and think again… growing every step along the way. Highly recommended.

  6. Yona Kaufman (verified owner)

    I love this book! I have been enjoying it so much, it’s a little hard for me to understand all in one sitting so I have designated it for Shabbos and I read it over Friday night and all Shabbos day. I try and think about each paragraph after I read it to make sure I understood it and I will sometimes go back and read it again after. I really like the summary points and the points to ponder. I really like how the book is divided into the parsha so you have something to connect the points to but then also can think about deep concepts on Shabbos. I think everyone should definitely read this book and I have recommended this book to a few friends. I have also used some of these parsha’s for speeches in school events.
    This book is truly something that can help everyone grow and can really help us all find our true self.

  7. Yosef I (verified owner)

    This is really an unbelievable sefer! It gets the mind to think into things you never would have thought of on your own. The depth of the ideas within are amazing. I gain tremendously from each weekly article I read.
    Thank you Rabbi Reichman for this gem!

  8. Daniel V. Schiavo

    I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in looking for guidance and support for transforming their lives to meet their full potential. Highly practical and empowers readers to know themselves better and the world around them. Great for fostering deep dialogue and discussion for optimal processing. Rabbi Shmuel Reichman engages readers on an exceptionally deep level to explore the questions and answers on the most fundamental and essential matters life has to offer.

  9. Jeremy

    For Jewish and non-Jewish readers alike. The wisdom contained in this book is universal and made me think and reflect on my purpose in life. Great reading and I highly recommend!

  10. Chana s

    This is truly one of the best books I have ever picked up to read. True insight and wisdom is given in each chapter that goes right along with the weekly parashah. This book is helping me to see myself and people in general in a different light. We are all created with a unique purpose in life.
    Each chapter ends with some very thought provoking questions. Qustions that I would never have thought to ask myself on my own. Deep questions. Thought provoking questions. Hard quetions. Questions that I really have no idea how to answer about myself but has set me on a journey of trying to discover who I really am.
    I highly recommend anything that Rabbi Shmuel Reichman writes! Also, follow him on facebook.

  11. Chicadee

    I am not a big reader, nor am I Jewish. However I love HaShem and I crave to fulfill my purpose in this life according to how He made me, which is why I am so thankful for this book, as it is a true gift. Rabbi Shmuel Reichman pours his life experience and wisdom into this book. He very gently encourages the reader to reflect, observe and be stretched into new action. He provides new perspectives on things we already know, yet might have really struggled with before, as he offers this new lens through which to contemplate ourselves and our lives with others, in this very moment in time. This book is very easy to read, it also runs in line with the weekly Parsha reading and it really feels like one is being reunited with an old friend. See for yourself, allow yourself to be blessed as you invest in some life changing deep and joyful thought provocation and transformation!.

  12. Rivkah Alona-Simcha Miller

    “The Journey to Your Ultimate Self” written by Rabbi Shmuel Reichman is a magnificent sefer that captures deep Jewish thought, bringing our personal journey to life through the weekly Parshas. Reichman’s scholarly sefer makes a perfect asset in the Jewish home. Also, it’s perfectly written for the Baal Teshuvah, as well as for anyone who is searching for a deeper understanding of Judaism. In my personal opinion, because at the end of each chapter, Reichman provides a summary page with discussion questions, and action points, it would be the perfect sefer for those who homeschool high school students (to journal their own journey).

  13. Jennifer Coleson

    I’ve found Rabbi Reichman’s book so inspiring. Open to any page and you will find words of wisdom. It’s been especially wonderful to use in a book club – we discuss each parashah and really delve into the subject matter, guided by the book’s excellent format. There are discussion questions and action points that I find particularly inspiring. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a way to connect with the weekly parashah!

  14. SBB

    Rabbi Reichman does not disappoint. I had seen him on LinkedIn and his messages resonated with me deeply. This motivated me to puchase his sefer. I have been making my way through the book, slowly reading one chapter each week based on the week Torah portion. I have found the lessons to be interesting and insightful and they give me a lot of food for thought. I highly recommend Rabbi Reichman’s book.

  15. Sanjay Prajapati

    Rabbi Shmuel’s book is absolutely amazing. I am truly experiencing my journey to my ultimate self as I go through the weekly parsha. This book will transform your life. I’m blown away by Rabbi Shmuel’s ability to pack so much insight and wisdom into each week’s Torah portion. I also use it in the Bible studies that I teach to help others in their journey.

  16. Rena L. Strauss

    Rabbi Shmuel Reichman takes the reader on a journey through the Torah but this is no standard collection of packaged Divrei Torah. Instead he focuses on a lesson you can glean from the Parsha and then goes deep. At the end of each chapter is a summary plus questions that you could presumably discuss with a study partner or family member. There’s also an action plan or assignments that you can use to incorporate what you have learned into your life. I picked up this book after seeing it recommended on Twitter. I had planned to start reading after the holidays as the new year began. I read the week’s chapter and I found the read so easy but also meaningful that I’m not waiting and will be incorporating this book into my weekly Shabbat Preparation. If you are looking for a way to make Torah learning more meaningful to your personal journal, pick up a copy for yourself. Thank you to Rabbi Reichman for your beautiful Torah.

  17. yona

    This book has connected the weekly Parsha in an inspirational direction that we are able to implement in our daily lives. This journey joins growth and in-site in an endless intelligent style. This book is extremely motivating.

  18. Zach Weiss

    I’ve really enjoyed books like from Rabbi Jonathan Saks in the past, and this one takes it to the next level. I am someone who is thoroughly passionate about the personal development space, as well as deep Jewish and spiritual thought. Rabbi Reichman has swept me away with this book. Every single chapter is aligned with a Parsha, so you can follow along, one week at a time. Each chapter is filled with uniqueness and inspiration. It’s filled with ideas that will change your paradigm of how you live your life. I had the honor of meeting him in person a month and a half ago and he has so much to offer and so much to give. You will not regret buying this book.

  19. Motty 1234

    If you are ready to think deeper in your life, and transform your life this Sefer is for you!
    When reading it, its easy to repeat by a shabbes seuda and at the same time you can use it in shul top tell your rav.

  20. Lester E. GIll II

    What an amazing book. I truly enjoyed the read and I think everyone should definitely purchase and read this phenomenal book.

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