Keeping Kosher in the Kitchen

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Do you find the idea of keeping your kitchen kosher overwhelming?
Do you find the idea so simple that you never give it a second thought?
With this easy-to-read – yet comprehensive – book, readers will learn how easy it is to maintain a kosher kitchen – and how to deal with common mistakes that occur in (virtually) all kosher homes.
This unique book:
• Includes basic principles and rules in an easy-to-remember format.
• Offers knowledge and insight to prevent common kashrus mistakes.
• Explains how to formulate a proper halachic question by focusing on the relevant facts and pushing aside distracting details.
• Helps you determine what “level” kashrus is right for you right now, and what to do in complicated situations that may not be ideal.
• Is written for those who follow either Ashkenazi or Sephardic customs.
• Is a perfect companion for anyone who is learning Shulchan Aruch for the first time or preparing for a semicha exam. Numerous case studies reflect a clear progression from Talmudic sources to contemporary halachic rulings, for both scholars and laypeople.

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Author Interview

12 reviews for Keeping Kosher in the Kitchen

  1. brandy

    This book will be a classic that should be in every kosher home. It speaks to both the layman and the Rabbi. I found this book very informative, comprehensive yet easy to navigate. It’s more that a basic yes/no kosher book. It actually gives you the basic structure of how the whole halachic process works for Kashrus. What’s great about it is that you’ll gain the knowledge to be able to apply it to all sorts of scenarios.

  2. DKL

    I love that the book helps me understand as an army wife that moves a lot how to kosher a home each time.

  3. Tabitha

    This book promotes growth in the Hebrew technology and the kosher kitchen. Kosher compliance is possible with reading it. I highly recommend using the book with a course lead by a Rabbi. ♡

  4. Yosef Billyack

    After learning under Rav Channen for many years and attaining a smicha in Issur V’hetter it has been such a pleasure to be able to share his amazing ability in bringing the halachot of kashrut to such a clear level.

    This is one safer that EVERY house should not just have but also learn from it regularly.

    Thank you Rav Channen for making learning such a joy

  5. Laib Kaplan

    Keeping Kosher in the Kitchen” has been my ultimate guide to Issur V’Heter. Whenever I have a question about Kashrut, this is my go-to sefer. It is written in a clear, easy-to-understand style, yet goes deep and explains all the halachik background to the issue at hand. It’s a wonderful sefer to learn from and to have as a reference. Most of all, it is not a theoretical book, delivering clear p’sak halacha for most of the situations that come up. “Keeping Kosher in the Kitchen” is like having a kashrut expert at your fingertips. An essential addition to any home.

  6. Rabbi Hillel Zeitlin, MSW

    Someone once said “the great ones make it look easy”.
    But, did anyone ever imagine that the keeping kosher could look easy?

    On the contrary, the Jewish laws related to keeping kosher are so legendary in their intricacy, that mastering them is considered one of the great accomplishments of Rabbinic study. And ask any Jewish homemaker, is it easy to keep kosher?

    Yet, in this book, master educator Rabbi Daniel Channen has brought all the essential topics of keeping kosher into a lucid, well-organized and comprehensive guide that can help you, both understand the principles behind the laws, and put them into practice.

    Here you will learn the whys and wherefores of preparing your kitchen and utensils; kosher product supervision; forbidden and permitted mixtures; how to set a kosher table, and what to do when something goes wrong!

    Through it all you will have the deep satisfaction of knowing the reasoning behind halachic rulings, when you can employ leniencies and when it is important to be strict. Organized with handy summaries and review questions, it is laid out to make it useful and user-friendly.

    This is a sefer that is, and makes, a great gift. Give it to a young couple, or old friends, and it will find a prominent and useful place in any kosher home.

  7. Rabbi Moshe Silver

    I can’t think of a rabbi I would rather have in my kitchen than the esteemed Rav Daniel Channen, author of Keeping Kosher in the Kitchen, published in a handsome edition by Mosaica Press. Rav Channen has taught hundreds of men, young and old, for rabbinic ordination (full disclosure: I am one of them, Baruch Ha Shem! My years learning with Rav Channen completely transformed my relationship to Torah.) Rav Channen has a gift for making the Halacha clear in its meaning, and deeply personal at the same time. One of the main principles he teaches his students is that a rabbi must take into consideration the human situation of the people for whom he is rendering Halachic rulings. Keeping Kosher in the Kitchen exemplifies this very wise, very knowledgeable – and at the same time very human approach.

    Rav Channen writes in a way that makes this book accessible to everyone. It is an excellent companion for the rabbi looking to help families Kasher their homes; it is a clear self-guide for the observant home – we keep our copy in the kitchen for easy reference. It is also a concise guide for those wishing to learn practical Kashrut in depth: sources are clearly annotated, and different strands of argument are brought together in a way that explains the varying opinions, as well as the way the Halacha is applied in practice. Rav Channen combines his deep knowledge of Halacha with his understanding of human needs. Two examples are his clarification of whether you can eat ice cream after eating a falafel sandwich prepared at a Shwarma stand, using the same counter and utensils that are used for meat (I won’t tell…), and his reminding us that there are many non-Jewish business owners who are careful in their observance of rules of Kashrut, following the instructions of local rabbis and Mashgichim out of respect for the Jewish community – and just plain human decency – and that we should patronize those who go out of their way to show us respect. These are the kind of insights that continue to endear Rav Channen to his Talmidim. I encourage you to invite him into your kitchen. You will be better off for the experience.

  8. Rabbi Judge Yoseph Dov Karr

    This book is a necessity for the beginner to the expert as it explains the most complicated and complex kosherous concepts in easy to follow terms. I would recommend it for everyone

  9. Rabbi Reuven Kohr

    I have held several classes using Rabbi Channen’s sefer. The feedback has been an unqualified outstanding easy to use and understand keeping kosher concepts the students. It also provides an excellent structure for laying out a course curriculum for me as an instructor. I would highly recommend this sefer be in everyone’s home and shul library.

  10. Rabbi Ephraim Horowitz

    Keeping Kosher in the Kitchen is an excellent safer that clearer discusses very many kashrus issues that can come up in the kitchen. Based on an international course in Issur V’Heter that R’ Channen developed almost 20 years ago and still teaches as wells as as many years experience in supervising the kashrus in kitchens around the world, this sefer brings to every Jewish home the benefit of all of this experience in an easily read format.

  11. Rabbi Dr. Jack Stroh

    Kashrut can be a confusing concept which is difficult to achieve even when one is raised in a purely kosher environment. Rabbi Channen in his latest sefer “Keeping Kosher in the Kitchen” presents the information in a clear and concise manner which appeals to beginners as well as Rabbis. It is comprehensive and explains the kashrut rules according to Ashkenazim and Sepharadim. This book explains the basic structure of the halachot of kashrut and how we decide what Jews can and cannot eat.

    When we are in the kitchen and something wrong happens, most turn to their Rabbi for a solution. One of the most important features of this sefer is explaining to the reader how to formulate a kashrut question properly by focusing on the relevant facts and leaving out side details.

    I have known Rabbi Channen for 2 decades and have found all of his works to be of the highest quality. He has personally taught the laws of kashrut for over 30 years to countless numbers of talmidim from all over the world who are currently in leading kashrut positions. I highly recommend this sefer and know that it is destined to become a classic!

  12. Shlomo Gerzi

    A very practical book that is full of helpful resources and practical examples that bring the Halachot to life.

    My wife uses the book frequently when she needs quick answers in the kitchen and I refer to it while I work as a mashiach kashrut .A book for the layman and expert alike, a must for every kosher home.

  13. Rabbi Dr Leon Anaf

    Keeping Kosher in the kitchen explains in simple practical terms a long and sometimes complicated topic. It’s step by step approach is easy to follow and clarifies many misconceptions.
    A must for any library

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